How Bootcamp Scholarships are Promoting Women in Engineering

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There are two major ways that programs like Bloc, General Assembly, and Dev Bootcamp can promote more women in engineering. The first is to increase access to our programs by offering scholarships. The second is to actually create a student experience that female students find inclusive and accepting.

How Is Bloc Increasing Access for Women?

First, we sat down to explore how programs like ours are increasing access through scholarships. Herea t Bloc, we have created a $25,000 scholarsip to fund in partnership with Women Who Code. Through this Women Who Code Scholarship, we offer 2 women per month a $1000 partial scholarship toward Bloc’s tuition, which represents a 20% partial scholarship – one of the highest scholarships in the industry.

How is Bloc Creating A Safe Space for Women to Learn?

One of the pieces of feedback we, here at Bloc, have received, is that some women  prefer Bloc’s one-on-one approach above classroom-based bootcamps because they can choose a female mentor, providing them a safe space where they can feel free to ask questions. In a study on how men and women behaved in college classes, conducted by Columbia University’s Graduate school of Arts and Sciences Teaching Center, the researchers found that women were less likely to immediately respond to questions in large classrooms than their male counterparts.

Knowing this, we’ve worked hard to reduce this gender gap that is rampant by having capable female instructors and developers for all of our courses.


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Announcing Swiftris: Bloc’s Free eBook for Learning Swift

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Now more than ever, the Appstore is bursting at the seams with fun, new apps and everyone has an idea for a killer app. Which is why Bloc has created this eBook to help everyone from seasoned programmers to programming tadpoles dipping their tails into the proverbial water. Swiftris provides a step-by-step process, which anyone can follow, to create an iOS game written in Swift.

Start building your first app here!

Getting Started with Swiftris:Swiftris GIF

This book will introduce you to the basics of Swift before acquainting you with some of its more advanced features. After completing this book you will be comfortable enough to write Swift code on your own. This book also covers the fundamentals of SpriteKit, Apple’s 2D game engine API.

What you’ll build:

You may be familiar with other block-dropping games but don’t be fooled, they all tore a page out of our book. Well, maybe some of the ideas came from a Russian gentleman who wrote the very first iteration of it. Fine, we’ve built an homage to one of the greatest puzzle games ever made and its name happens to rhyme with Swiftris.

If you like that game, you’re going to love the one you build yourself.



About the Author:

The author of this book is Bloc’s Android director, Stan Idesis. Prior to Bloc, Stan was the founder of Playerful, a platform for cross-device and cross-platform app gamification. He was also the founder of MindGap, a development firm that worked with Kwarter, Budweiser, and NFL Fan Zone. Before that, Stan was a mobile developer at Zynga.

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Are There Developer Bootcamp Scholarships for Veterans?


We actually JUST asked our marketing intern to sit down and research every single bootcamp and what scholarships are offered. She sat down and wrote a blog post with all the different scholarship options including scholarships for Women, African Americans, Latinos, Pacific Islanders, Native Americans, Veterans, and Needs Based Scholarships. Here’s that full post: The Ultimate Guide to Developer Bootcamp Scholarships

Developer Bootcamp Scholarships for Veterans

But since you asked specifically about veterans, based on her research, here’s the subset:

  • Bloc (Online)
  • Code Chicago (Chicago)
  • CoderVox (Austin)
  • Launch Academy (Boston)
  • Metis (New York)
  • Metis (Boston)
  • Mobile Makers (Chicago)
  • RefactorU (San Francisco)
  • Tech Bootcamps (Boston)
  • Brainstation (Toronto)
  • Bootcamp (Vancouver)
  • gSchool (San Francisco)
  • Iron Yard (Atlanta)
  • Iron Yard (Durham)
  • Iron Yard (Greenville) (more…)
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Should I Learn Objective C Or Should I Learn Swift

should you learn Objective C or should you learn SwiftShould I Learn Objective C or Should I Learn Swift?

As perhaps the largest bootcamp teaching iOS, this is a question we get asked all the time. So we asked our Course Director Aaron Brager to sit down and answer this question, once and for all.

Learning Swift Isn’t The Whole Ballgame

First of all, it’s important to remember that Swift isn’t the whole ballgame. We have a lot of trouble articulating this to beginners: but it takes much more than any single language to become an iOS developer.  There are numerous concepts of software engineering, tools like Git and Xcode, APIs like Cocoa Touch,  gaming tools like SpriteKit and Game Center, and the hurdles of the App Store, that all contribute to being a successful iOS Developer.


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Instruction vs. Mentorship: Why You Should Learn to Code With a Mentor

Instruction vs Mentorship

At Bloc, we use the word “apprenticeship” a lot. It’s on our landing pages and in our emails, but we never truly explain what we mean and why we use that word.

I’d like to explain.

There are fundamentally two methods of teaching: instruction and mentorship.


A teacher who instructs is someone who says “I have knowledge that I will impart to you.” You, as the student, will receive this knowledge. It’s direct, and it’s simple. It’s been the status quo for 200 years. We’ve made it efficient by cramming students into classrooms to optimize how many recipients can theoretically absorb from every one teacher.


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Bloc and Readyforce to Offer Students Technical Skills Training

Bloc and Readyforce

The college recruiting process has changed. Employers today want more productivity out of fewer employees, which means more experienced hires, and less on-the-job training. As a result, the unemployment rate among recent college grads is double the rate among college grads as a whole.

Some people claim that even though the economy has recovered, it has been a jobless recovery – with simply no new jobs being created. Meanwhile, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, tech is one of the fastest growing industries.


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Ultimate Guide to UX Design Bootcamps

UX Design Bootcamps pic

We’ve compiled a in-depth list of immersive, bootcamp-like options for those who want to learn UX Design. We’ve organized them with the most comprehensive,  bootcamp-like programs to the more supplemental programs and classes.

If you want a holistic program, much like a bootcamp, but that is delivered online, you should consider Bloc. We found that a lot of folks wanted a bootcamp-like experience without sacrificing their day-job, and so we offer a full-time 12-week option, as well as two part-time 18-week and 36-week options. All of our courses are tailored to the student, with an active mentor who can work around your schedule and even customize your curriculum to your goals and interests.

30 Weeks
This 30 week program is an intensive and highly selective bootcamp in New York City. While it is hosted by some of the heavy hitters of the design world, this means that the tuition is higher than most other programs. It is known for being a great resource for designers looking who have the time and money, and are ready to jump right in and start a business.


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TechTalk: The Frontend Landscape Explained and 4 Advanced Frameworks

Here at Bloc, we’ve hosted a free, online Tech Talks on everything from how to get started developing for Android to building complex websites. In this 45 minute crash course on frontend frameworks we will cover the history of frontend web development, the recent emergence of these new Javascript frameworks, and go over some of the pros and cons for learning them.

About the Hosts:

christian-circle-01Christian Schlensker -
Developer at Bloc. Christian comes to Bloc from Pinchit and TAG where he was a developer. Prior to that, Christian was also a graphic designer.

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 2.50.17 PM


Joe Lipper-
Joe is Bloc’s Frontend Course Director with not only 4 years of development experience, but was also a Bloc Alum. Previously, Joe was a freelance developer and the co-founder and lead developer for, an angel-backed startup.


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Three Reviews of Bloc from Recent Alumni

The best way to ascertain the quality of a program is to look at outcomes. That’s why we’ve pulled together a number of reviews of Bloc in one place.

  • What are students saying on camera? In the panel we hosted last week, you can hear straight from recent alumni
  • Read their full alumni stories and see what they are up to today
  • Don’t just look at what we publish. Take a look at what students are saying on review sites and on Quora

three recent Bloc alumni to come over and chat. Here’s what they had to say.


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The Ultimate Guide to Developer Bootcamp Scholarships

Brittany Martin Quote Final.jpg

The Importance of Diversity

As well all know, software development needs more diversity. At Bloc, we offer scholarships for women, minorities who are underepresented in tech, and veterans. That being said, we know a lot of students who consider Bloc are also looking at a number of physical bootcamps, so we got our intern Prianna to do some research so you don’t have to! Below, you’ll find her list of every available developer bootcamp scholarship.

Bloc Diversity Scholarship and Women Who Code Scholarship

Bloc offers two scholarships to promote diversity. First, we offer the New Relic Diversity Scholarship – a program sponsored by New Relic where we select 9 students per month to receive a $500 scholarship toward their Bloc tuition. We also recently launched a new Women Who Code scholarship, where each month we select three women to receive a $1000 scholarship toward Bloc. So far, the New Relic Scholarship program has helped over 60 students learn web development, mobile development, and UX Design.

 Developer Bootcamp Scholarships


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