72% of Codecademy Students Never Finished

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We live in an age when lectures from Harvard’s most acclaimed professors are available free online at EdX. When services like Codecademy promise even Rudy Guiliani can learn to code from a nifty iPhone app, without programming tools or even a real teacher. While that may be fine if one’s goal is self-enrichment, it doesn’t cut it when these services position themselves as a path to changing careers.

Lots of Content. No Results.

But in a recent study of people who have tried learning to code using Codecademy, 72% said they never finished. In the same study, over 96% said frustrated learning to code without a mentor. And one of the fathers of the MOOC movement, Udacity’s Sebastian Thrun, concedes the model is fatally flawed.

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Two Forms of Accountability

Today learners not only want programs that will hold them accountable, they want programs that they can hold accountable. Codecademy’s graduation rate, according to this recent study, is around 28%. Udacity’s Computer Science Course, which students could take for credit at San Jose State Unviversity was reported to have 51% of those enroll pass the class. Meanwhile Bloc has a graduation rate of 90%.

Zero Accountability Left Unchecked

This problem, of students not holding their education institution accountable, is no place more acute, than with for-profit universities, where the dropout rate is 78%. Meanwhile the post-graduation unemployment rate has skyrocketed to 8.8% and the average student debt now tops $26K.

A Program With Accountability Built-In

Bloc is not a course. It’s a program designed to help students cross the chasm from beginner to junior developer. Unlike bootcamps, we are doing this at scale, and all over the world. We have a much larger data-set to work with, and we can iterate on our product every week, rather than just once per cohort.

Up-to-Date Skills

When a new version of the testing framework RSpec came out (as it did last month), how many professors replace their text-book mid-course? Probably none. How bout video-recording based sites? How many re-record their videos to ensure they remained current? Bloc’s curriculum was updated the same week, and every student who covered that checkpoint since then has been learning the latest version.

We Will Kick You Out

One thing we do share with bootcamps is a focus on results. Which means if you aren’t putting in the time, and giving you the opportunity to catch up or switch to a slower track isn’t helping, we can and will eject you from the program.

Career Advice

With these real developers at hand you also have the added advantage of having someone who has not only navigated the job market in your given industry. They can share their career trajectory, advise you against pitfalls, and help you choose a career that they know will actually benefit you.

For more information on our iOS, Android, Frontend Web Development, Full Stack Web Development, and UX Design bootcamps check out each course page!

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