Are We All We’re Cracked Up To Be?


The process of discerning an online bootcamp program is a lot like the process of online dating. We know that may sound crazy, but hear us out! Just like online dating, when looking at bootcamps, you want to take the time to get to know a program before investing the time and effort.  The outcome? Much like dating, a lifetime of happiness, of course!  You want to get to know your coding bootcamp to make sure they have the best intentions and are the best fit for you.  Here at Bloc, our dating profile looks great, but are we all we’re cracked up to be?  We can talk to you all day about our curriculum, how our mentors set us apart, and our dedication to our students, but isn’t it so much more validating to hear from those who’ve been in a relationship with us?

The proof is in the pudding.

Bloc has been named one of the top coding bootcamps of 2017 by SwitchUp, Skilledup, Techendo, and has been featured in Wired, Business Insider, VentureBeat, TechCrunch, Gizmodo. The list goes on.

But what really matters is what our alumni have to say about the program. This post gathers alumni reviews from third-party sites, like:

We take reviews of our programs very seriously and make updates based on current and past students to constantly evolve our curriculum. Below you’ll find excerpts from over a dozen Bloc reviews from previous stay-at-home moms to hedge fund partners that will answer common questions with direct links to the full reviews from real students that paint an accurate picture of the challenges and joys of Bloc.  

What do you like about Bloc’s Programs?

“Bloc’s guided self-paced curriculum in conjunction with 1:1 mentor meetings made grasping the complex programming topics involved in the curriculum not only manageable but also fun. My mentor, Alex, has been fantastic throughout my entire time with Bloc; always responding to inquiries quickly and providing support and expertise whenever I need it. Because of the great program and expertise Bloc and their mentors provide, I’ve gone from being intimidated by programming to confident in my abilities and I’ve even landed a more specialized job as an internal product developer for a major tech company.” –Julian, 5 stars on SwitchUp

“In just seven months, I have been able to begin building a solid portfolio of design and front-end development work. In this time, I’ve also learned how to use approximately a dozen design tools and received extensive one-on-one direction from my mentor, who has been there to help me every step of the way. Whenever I’ve felt stuck on or needed feedback on an assignment, I’ve been able to connect with fellow students and receive feedback within hours, if not minutes. The cost-coupled with the hands-on mentorship you receive and the tools that you are exposed to-has been absolutely worth it for me. ” –Tim, 5 stars on Course Report

How does the part-time option and flexibility help you?

“I am a 40-year-old mom so leaving to NYC or else where for 6 months was not my jam. Bloc offered a rigorous online program with the one-on-one with weekly mentoring. You can start and stop your program (with some limits) which is great for when my kiddo got sick, or my family needed me to work at our studio… basic life stuff.” –Beth, 5 stars on SwitchUp

“I am so glad that I decided to start this program with Bloc.  This has been a great fit for me based upon my stage in life.  I am married with two young daughters, so this program has allowed me to still pursue a dream of learning software development and eventually switching careers into the tech industry, while still maintaining my current job since I am the main breadwinner/insurance provider/etc.” –Carissa, 5 stars on Course Report

“First I have to start that I have a full-time job in tech already and I’m not willing to let it go. A Part-time option from was the perfect predefined solution for me and will be for those who have bills to pay and a family to support.” –Yury, 5 stars on SwitchUp

What do you think of Bloc’s curriculum?

“So far I am very happy with the Bloc Curriculum.  They split up the program into Modules. Throughout each module there are quizzes to test your knowledge, and at the end of each module you have to pass an assessment (which is like a mock interview via google video chat) to make sure you have a good enough understanding of the content to move onto the next module.” –Erin, 5 stars on Course Report

“The curriculum is clear, concise, and has always left me with feeling comfortable with what I have learned. I recently just completed my first “bigger” project, Bloc-Jams, and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process. I learned more than I could imagine throughout these past 3 weeks, and my mentor always replied within hours to help whenever I had an issue.” –Jeremy, 5 stars on SwitchUp

What did you think of Bloc’s mentor-lead approach vs. classroom learning?

“My mentor has been an amazing support system, and a source of real-world knowledge. My meetings with him always provide nuggets of wisdom and extra information that is invaluable to my learning process at that time and for the future. I was nervous about doing an online bootcamp since it means very little contact and feedback from others. But between my mentor, the Slack channel for other students, the Facebook group, and local meetups for Bloc students I have felt like my work can be effectively critiqued and I get plenty of participants for the assignments that require user feedback..” –Heather, 5 stars on Course Report

“The mentorship is the best part of Bloc.  I had the privilege of having two mentors throughout the course, both of whom were fantastic.  They both had a great way of breaking down abstract ideas into something I could understand, were always willing to answer my questions, and continue to provide me support even after the completion of the course.” –Anthony, 5 stars on SwitchUp

“My mentor gave me lots of encouragement and gave me the confidence to call myself a designer. Also the feedback and critique I receive from the community is invaluable. I learned to talk about design and give other people feedback by providing feedback on their work.” –Tina, (See her review here.)

How did Bloc help you land a job?

“Bloc changed my life for the better. I am now employed as a web developer, where I can do what I love to do as a job. In the future, I hope to make a positive impact on the world through web development.” –Anthony, (See his review here.)

“One of the reasons I took the course was because I wanted to be in a career which I will love. My dad always told me that if I love my work I will never work another day and that was my endgame. It was a hard journey to take and am glad I didn’t give up. Now everyday I look forward to my work and I smile knowing I am exactly where I wanted to be.” –Jeya, (See her review here.)

Is it okay I’m a beginner?

“I didn’t know how to build web apps at all, just some very basic HTML and CSS sites, at the end of the course I knew how to build complex web apps in Ruby on Rails.” –Enrique, 5 stars on Course Report

“My background is a business degree and experience in banking and insurance so needless to say… Coding is completely new to me. I started with working through some Codecademy courses to see if I liked it and then decided to get serious and that is when I started to consider a bootcamp.” –Stephen, 5 stars on SwitchUp


We believe Bloc works. And it changes people’s lives. But we don’t expect you to take our word for it. The results should speak for themselves. We encourage you to read all of Bloc’s reviews on Course Report or SwitchUp!


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