August 7, 2012

Demo day: check out apps our students have built

If you haven't heard of [Bloc](, we're an online bootcamp for teaching people to build web applications in 8 weeks. Since February, our alumni network has reached 30 students. Some of these students have finished their web applications and we're going to show some of them off here.

It's worth mentioning that 60% of our students have little to no prior programming experience. They did not study computer science in college. We've interviewed some of our students if you'd like to read about their backgrounds and experience with Bloc: [Seth](, [Andy](, [Matt](, and [Joanne]( Also possibly worth reading is a [comparison of the top hacker schools](

### Hunters Powers, Lawson Kurtz: [HerePrettyKitty](

Rank the cuteness of kittens and see how they rank against each other.

### Hunter Powers: [ThatMovieApp](

Recommends a movie to see today and shows you the trailer. Uses a custom weighted scoring algorithm and scrapes the web using multiple APIs to provide its recommendation.

### Ryan Krueger, Tom Hoeck: [Sportsume](

The for high school, college, and professional sports players. Several scrapers written to collect hundreds of thousands of rows of information on teams. Uses multiple self-referential and polymorphic associations for the database.

### Arun Gupta: [Airbrush](

Apply Instagram-like filters to your Facebook photos or new photos that you upload. Send physical postcards of the photos. Uses Stripe for charging.

### Eli B.: [ClassYou](

Recommended "tracks" such as Beginning Web Development and Speaking Mandarin to help students learn faster by curating the material.

## Luciano Tavares: [Dealbook](

Built by an angel investor to track deals in Brazil. Plans to expand to other countries shortly.

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