Bloc Apprentice Launches SpareTime and Do

During his Bloc apprenticeship, Łukasz Kowalski was promoted from UX Designer to Project Manager, and then again to iOS Developer at his firm. Along with these exciting promotions, Łukasz has been working on several of his own app projects, including Do and SpareTime.

“Do” has publicly shared task lists: You can add a task for you and for your friends. Adding friends is as simple as in the “YO” app. You can also remind your friend about a task by sending them a notification: “Joe reminds you about ‘xxx ‘”. When you add tasks for your friends he or she also gets a notification: “You have new task ‘xxx ‘”. By swiping you can check who’s assigned to a task, or you can mark task as done.

SpareTime’s goal is to connect you with your friends easily and simply, without using Facebook and utilizing the contacts already in your smartphone. You can check out SpareTime right here.

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