How a High School English Teacher Became a Developer at IBM

Zachary Melancon, a Full Stack Track student at Bloc, recently accepted a role at IBM as an Application Development Specialist. Landing a job at such a great company without having any prior programming experience is remarkable, and we wanted to ask Zach a few questions about how this high school teacher became a developer, and what others can learn from his journey. Below, Zach answers a few questions about his Bloc experience.

Zachary Melancon

Bloc: What were you doing before Bloc?

Zachary: “Before and during Bloc, I was an English teacher. I always enjoyed reading and creating works of fiction so, in college, I majored in English with a concentration in writing. Therefore, when I graduated, teaching English seemed like an occupation in which I could excel. However, not only is it hard to support a family with a teacher’s salary, but there is also very little upward mobility. In September 2015, my wife and I had our son, and I realized that I would have to change professions in order to be able to support them. Luckily for me, I discovered web development, which I found to be as creatively stimulating as writing had been to me previously.”

Bloc: Why did you end up taking Bloc?

Zachary: “As stated in the answer above, I found programming and web development to be interesting, and I connected with the creative aspect of it as well as the problem solving that it required. At the same time, I knew I would need to change my profession. One day, by coincidence, I was listening to NPR during a discussion they had about coding boot camps. At the time, I thought I would have to somehow find time to go back to school for two years or more, and maintain my job so that my family had a source of income while I was studying. After listening to that segment on NPR, I researched more online about coding boot camps, and found Bloc. With Bloc, I could not only keep my job, but I would also be provided with great instructional material and a mentor to help guide me through the material. Of all the coding boot camps I searched, Bloc was definitely the best choice.”

Bloc: How would you review Bloc? How did it change your life?

Zachary: “Almost immediately upon completing the course work on Bloc, I was able to get a job at IBM. As a teacher, though teaching has other rewards, it was hard for me to see my family ever getting to a point where we were financially comfortable. Now, knowing that, because of Bloc, I will be working for one of the biggest tech companies on the planet, I know that my family will be financially secure, and I know that I will be able grow in an industry that excites me.”

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