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Career Changer Builds Android Apps

Meet Richard Luick, an Android Development course grad. Before Bloc: Quality Engineer, Cardone Industries After Bloc: Android Developer After working as a QA Engineer for a little under a year, Richard decided he wasn’t happy, and wanted a change. After sparking an interest in Android development, Richard set out to change his career. Before coming… Read more »

Spotlight Alumni: Android Development

  Richard Luick Before Bloc: Quality Engineer, Cardone Industries After Bloc: Associate Application Developer, QVC Why did he enroll in Bloc? Richard wanted a career switch, and began teaching himself to program. He then discovered Bloc, and enrolled to give himself the extra boost he needed to become an Android Developer. Richard’s portfolio, where you can see… Read more »

Software Development & Design Scholarship for Veterans

Here at Bloc we understand that unemployment rates for military veterans are at an all time high, which is why we are launching a developer bootcamp program for veterans. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Bloc would like to help by providing U.S. veterans the tools and resources needed to launch successful careers in… Read more »

TechTalk: How to Set Up an Android Development Environment

Here at Bloc, we’ve hosted a free, online Tech Talks on everything from how to get started developing for Android to building complex websites. Do you have an idea for a mobile app?  By 2015, Gartner expects that over 50% of all devices worldwide will run Android. Android can already be found in phones, TVs,… Read more »

Summer of Code: Why Kids Still Aren’t Programming

This is a guest post by Prianna Pathak, Bloc’s marketing intern and recent Bryn Mawr College alum. Refresher: There’s a Skills Gap and It’s Getting Bigger We all know  the economy stinks. And we know how tough it is to find a job. But did you know that even for college grads, the underemployment rate… Read more »

Tech Talk: Android is Taking Over – Are You Ready?

Here at Bloc, we spend a lot of time talking to “advanced beginners” – folks who have been trying to learn to code for a while, but who have struggled to find the right path. Recently, we hosted a free, online TechTalk on how to get started developing for Android. In this TechTalk, we sat… Read more »

The World’s First Android Apprenticeship

Instagram. Snapchat. WhatsApp. Uber. Duolingo. Each of these mobile apps have one thing in common: you could’ve built them. We know that you have an idea nobody has thought of. However small your idea seems, the ultimate dream is to actually build your ideas, to see them in your hand, and in the hands of your… Read more »