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6 Best Pre-Bootcamp Tutorials

Bootcamps are designed to prepare you for a job as a developer. After teaching new skills to thousands of students over the years, we’ve seen that introductory tutorials can help students make sure that becoming a developer is right for them before enrolling. These tutorials will give you a taste of what programming is like… Read more »

I’m Considering a Coding Bootcamp: Should I learn JavaScript or Ruby?

by Andy Johnston, Student Advisor @ Bloc One of the most prevalent concerns you may have when choosing a coding bootcamp is deciding what language or framework to learn. The two options found at the leading developer bootcamps are Full Stack JavaScript and Ruby on Rails.  So which should you choose? JavaScript or Ruby? Choosing the right language feels like an… Read more »

Bloc Curriculum Developers Share Their Favorite 10 Pre-Bootcamp Tutorials

Bootcamps are designed to prepare you for a new job as a developer, but admission into many bootcamps, and success during their programs, can depend heavily on how much you’ve learned before applying. With many code schools and dev bootcamps like Hack Reactor and Flatiron School boasting acceptance rates as low as 3%, learning on… Read more »

Ultimate Guide to Frontend Bootcamps

Frontend developers ensure web applications are well-designed, responsive, and friendly to touch on mobile devices. Thanks to frontend frameworks like AngularJS, frontend programming is becoming a more important part of the web development stack.  These new frontend frameworks allow developers to move programming logic and data that was once restricted to server-side development onto the… Read more »

Software Development & Design Scholarship for Veterans

Here at Bloc we understand that unemployment rates for military veterans are at an all time high, which is why we are launching a developer bootcamp program for veterans. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Bloc would like to help by providing U.S. veterans the tools and resources needed to launch successful careers in… Read more » JavaScript Developer Shares Career Advice

As a software developer at and Adjunct Professor at the Oregon Institute of Technology, Nick is no stranger to frontend developer training. We sat down with Nick to get some career advice for aspiring JavaScript devs. Most recently he has been diving into Frontend development with a focus on applying it to Mobile development. This… Read more »