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Online Bootcamps & Holding Education Accountable – Bloc CTO’s Guest Post

In a recent article featured by Astro Awani, Malaysia’s first 24 hour news and information station, Bloc CTO Dave Paola covered how Bloc helps developers and designers accomplish their goals of learning to code through the apprenticeship model.   What Today’s Learners Need From an Online Bootcamp Paola said that, “professors believe in standing up… Read more »

Monthly TechTalk: What You’ll Learn in a Frontend Bootcamp

We host a monthly TechTalk on the Frontend Landscape to help advanced beginners learn more about the MEAN Stack, Full Stack JavaScript development,  frontend development in general, and what you’ll learn at Bloc’s Frontend Bootcamp in particular. In this 45 minute crash course on frontend frameworks, we  cover the history of frontend web development, the… Read more »

Entrepreneur Learns UX Design

“With the 1-on-1 mentorship you can go as deep as you like, and its a safer investment.” Meet Sergio Mottola, a UX Design Grad Before Bloc: Sergio is a self-defined creative entrepreneur and business problem solver who came to Bloc’s UX Design apprenticeship out of a desire to better understand the fundamentals of design. Currently, Sergio… Read more »

How Bootcamp Scholarships are Promoting Women in Engineering

According to the National Science Foundation computer science actually is more male-dominated today than it was two decades ago. With women making up  29.6% of computer science graduates in 1991, compared with 18.2% in 2010. With stats like these, something needs to be done. There are two major ways that programs like Bloc, General Assembly, and… Read more »

New Relic Diversity Scholarship Recipient Now Web Developer

Meet Nicole Skoglund, a Full Stack Web Development Grad Before Bloc: Self-Taught Web Designer After Bloc: Her current goal is to transition into a junior web development position in the not-too-distant future.  Her mentor had nothing but good things to say about working with Nicole, and agrees that “her design knowledge paired with her new… Read more »

Are There Developer Bootcamp Scholarships for Veterans?

We  asked our marketing intern to sit down and research every single developer bootcamp in North America and find our what scholarships are offered. She sat down and wrote a blog post with all the different scholarship options including scholarships for Women, African Americans, Latinos, Pacific Islanders, Native Americans, Veterans, and Needs Based Scholarships. Here’s… Read more »

Instruction vs. Mentorship: Why You Should Learn to Code With a Mentor

At Bloc, we use the word “apprenticeship” a lot. It’s on our landing pages and in our emails, but we never truly explain what we mean and why we use that word. I’d like to explain. There are fundamentally two methods of teaching: instruction and mentorship. Instruction A teacher who instructs is someone who says… Read more »

The Ultimate Guide to Developer Bootcamp Scholarships

The Importance of Diversity As well all know, software development needs more diversity. At Bloc, we offer scholarships for women, minorities who are underepresented in tech, and veterans. That being said, we know a lot of students who consider Bloc are also looking at a number of physical bootcamps, so we got our intern Prianna… Read more »