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6 Best Pre-Bootcamp Tutorials

Bootcamps are designed to prepare you for a job as a developer. After teaching new skills to thousands of students over the years, we’ve seen that introductory tutorials can help students make sure that becoming a developer is right for them before enrolling. These tutorials will give you a taste of what programming is like… Read more »

Now Arriving, A New Kind of Designer

By Chris Courtney, Lead Design Mentor at Bloc Less than a month ago, KPCB John Maeda outlined his vision for the evolution of the modern designer while unveiling the latest edition of his #DesignInTech report at SXSW. The high-level overview of these future designers includes: Ability to build to business needs while maintaining empathy for… Read more »

Amazon Teams Up With Bloc to Launch Alexa Developer Training

We’ve teamed up with Amazon to teach Bloc students how to create new capabilities, or skills, for Alexa, the voice service that powers the Amazon Echo. At Bloc you’ll learn cutting-edge technologies and industry-relevant skills. Gartner has named ‘Internet of Things’ one of the top trends disrupting technology in 2016 and beyond, which is why… Read more »

GitHub Best Practices: Get the Most Out of the GitHub Platform

GitHub is a website that hosts code in a Git repository and provides collaboration features like bug tracking, code review tools, access control, and project discovery. There’s a lot to learn. Just getting started? Start with GitHub’s Hello World guide and Try Git tutorial to get the basics. This article will explore best practices and… Read more »

Should I Become a Software Engineer or a Junior Web Developer?

The software industry uses words like hacker, programmer, coder, developer, engineer, and architect to differentiate between similar-but-not-identical skill sets. These terms are poorly defined, which causes ambiguity, and their appropriate uses are still debated today: Programmers: Stop Calling Yourselves Engineers The Atlantic Was Wrong. Software Engineers Do Exist Executing Software Engineers for Bugs Bloc offers… Read more »