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Alumni Spotlight: Where Are They Now?

At Bloc, we are dedicated to helping aspiring developers and designers achieve their professional goals. Whether you’re a current teacher looking to become a UX Designer, or a product manager interested in learning more to progress your career, our mission is to help you succeed and provide you a supportive learning community. We’re thrilled to… Read more »

Bloc’s CEO and Alumni Give a Live Q&A

One of the Bloc values is “Rely on data and feedback.” We believe that this should not only apply to how we operate internally at Bloc, but also to prospective students. In that vein, we consistently get questions from people interested in changing their careers and becoming developers and designers. Our CEO, Clint Schmidt, hosted… Read more »

Thinking beyond designer*

This article was written by Chris Courtney, Bloc’s Designer Track Program Director. What does it mean to be a ‘designer’ in a world that continues to adopt new definitions for the work that designers do and how can you possibly create a career in such a turbulent environment? When I got started as a visual… Read more »

How Bloc Designs Designers

This week our team is excited to share a Tech Talk given by our Designer Track Program Director, Chris Courtney (known at Bloc as C2). In this powerful talk, Chris discusses the common patterns in our most successful students, what the industry defines as a great designer, and how Bloc is building them. Below we’ve… Read more »

The Architect and the Builder: Web Designers vs Web Developers

When researching a new career, it’s important to know the duties of the role you’re looking into. Companies occasionally use the job titles “Web Developer” and “Web Designer” interchangeably when seeking out their services. Although the two do work symbiotically, their functions are very different. As an analogy, let’s compare the two to the roles… Read more »

Dear portfolio…

Chris Courtney is the Director of the Design Program at Bloc, Training Director for, and Mentor for Chris is speaking at interaction17 and hosting a meetup in New York on February 4. Follow him on Twitter to find out how you can meet Chris and other Bloc members.  Every week, several designer portfolios… Read more »

Should I Enroll In A Bootcamp Over the Holidays?

As we head into winter, one of Bloc’s commonly asked questions becomes “Should I enroll in a bootcamp over the holidays?”. It’s a fair question. On the one hand, people start thinking about traveling home for the holidays, spending time with loved ones, or perhaps getting away and finding someplace warm.  At the same time, we’re ambitious… Read more »

Designer Track vs. UX/UI Design Fundamentals

Students considering a design career often compare Bloc’s Designer Track with its UX/UI Design Fundamentals program. In this post, we’ll answer your most frequently asked questions about these programs. Have more questions? E-mail and we’ll get you an answer pronto! Who are the programs designed for? Bloc’s Designer Track is a rigorous training program… Read more »

Now Arriving, A New Kind of Designer

By Chris Courtney, Lead Design Mentor at Bloc Less than a month ago, KPCB John Maeda outlined his vision for the evolution of the modern designer while unveiling the latest edition of his #DesignInTech report at SXSW. The high-level overview of these future designers includes: Ability to build to business needs while maintaining empathy for… Read more »