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Learning with Bloc = Training at Amazon

Earlier this year, Bloc met Alexa- Amazon Alexa, that is. Amazon Alexa is the voice-activated operating system for the Amazon Echo. You may have seen a few of the company’s funny commercials, featuring Alec Baldwin, advertising the product’s various capabilities. Since hitting the market, Amazon Echo as well as many other household intelligence hardwares, have… Read more »

Using Stack Overflow Like a Pro

Developers and designers of all skill levels spend time on Stack Overflow. If you have a technical question – simple, complex, or anywhere in between – you can ask it on Stack Overflow. If you Google an error message from some code you’ve written, a link to a Stack Overflow page will often be one… Read more »

The Joys and Challenges of Hiring Developer Bootcamp Grads

Written by Brittany Martin and originally posted on her blog I was recently asked to speak on a Winning the Talent War: Building a Diverse Community of Junior Developers & Technical Talent panel in Pittsburgh. The idea was to gather HR executives to listen to tech talks and a panel discussion around solving Pittsburgh’s small tech talent pool…. Read more »

Bloc Reviews: What is it Like Attending Bloc?

by Prachi Singh, Alumni Relations @ Bloc One of my favorite alums, Brian Douglas, recently told me that by blogging prolifically about his Bloc journey, he constantly gets emails from students asking him about his experience. They ask him questions like: Would you recommend I take Bloc?  How does’s mentor-lead online approach compare to… Read more »

How a High School English Teacher Became a Developer at IBM

Zachary Melancon, a Full Stack Track student at Bloc, recently accepted a role at IBM as an Application Development Specialist. Landing a job at such a great company without having any prior programming experience is remarkable, and we wanted to ask Zach a few questions about how this high school teacher became a developer, and… Read more »

WomenWhoCode and Bloc Launch Scholarship for Civic Hacking

by Prasid Pathak, Head of Student Advising @ Bloc June 4th is the National Day of Civic Hacking, and the White House Opportunity Project is searching for developers who can put data and digital tools in the hands of women, families, local leaders, and non-profits, to give them the information and resources they need to thrive. So… Read more »

Alumni Spotlight: Fong Fan

At Bloc, we’ve taken note of how impressive our student body is. Just when we think our alumni have done it all, we hear from several more about how they’ve built incredible products, successfully pursued entrepreneurship, or transitioned into newer, better careers. We had the opportunity to interview one of our many outstanding graduates, Fong… Read more »

Now Arriving, A New Kind of Designer

By Chris Courtney, Lead Design Mentor at Bloc Less than a month ago, KPCB John Maeda outlined his vision for the evolution of the modern designer while unveiling the latest edition of his #DesignInTech report at SXSW. The high-level overview of these future designers includes: Ability to build to business needs while maintaining empathy for… Read more »

Why Apprenticeships Are on the Rise

Ask any VP of Engineering or CTO, and they’ll tell you hiring talented developers is getting harder. Meanwhile, ask one of the millions of underemployed millennials, and they’ll say they are willing to learn, but can’t get their foot in the door. Apprenticeship was once a commonplace feature of the American economy, but for the… Read more »