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Bloc Apprentice Launches SpareTime and Do

During his Bloc apprenticeship, Łukasz Kowalski was promoted from UX Designer to Project Manager, and then again to iOS Developer at his firm. Along with these exciting promotions, Łukasz has been working on several of his own app projects, including Do and SpareTime. “Do” has publicly shared task lists: You can add a task for… Read more »

Software Development & Design Scholarship for Veterans

Here at Bloc we understand that unemployment rates for military veterans are at an all time high, which is why we are launching a developer bootcamp program for veterans. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Bloc would like to help by providing U.S. veterans the tools and resources needed to launch successful careers in… Read more »

Insider’s Guide to Bloc’s Online UX Design Bootcamp

Want an immersive program without sacrificing your job? Bloc is the world’s largest online UX Design Bootcamp, and has helped hundreds of grads launch new careers as developers. In this Insider’s Guide, we’ll introduce you to Bloc’s UX Design course director, who will detail Bloc’s syllabus, which includes Adobe’s Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML5, CSS3, and understanding… Read more » UX Designer Shares Career Advice

As a UX Designer at, and a freelance product designer Helen, is no stranger to the industry.  She is classically trained but supplemented her education with a lot of personal work. Since then she has had the privilege to design in many industries across many mediums. During her day-to-day, she works at Shopify helping to design the… Read more »

Google Alum Shares Career Advice for UX Designers

Tamara runs a user experience driven design and development agency and mentors students in Bloc’s UX Design training program.  Prior to starting her own agency, Tamara spent four years at Google as a Senior Interaction Designer working as the lead designer for DoubleClick for Publishers, and then in education leading design for Google Classroom. Prior to… Read more »

Online Bootcamps & Holding Education Accountable – Bloc CTO’s Guest Post

In a recent article featured by Astro Awani, Malaysia’s first 24 hour news and information station, Bloc CTO Dave Paola covered how Bloc helps developers and designers accomplish their goals of learning to code through the apprenticeship model.   What Today’s Learners Need From an Online Bootcamp Paola said that, “professors believe in standing up… Read more »

72% of Codecademy Students Never Finished

We live in an age when lectures from Harvard’s most acclaimed professors are available free online at EdX. When services like Codecademy promise even Rudy Guiliani can learn to code from a nifty iPhone app, without programming tools or even a real teacher. While that may be fine if one’s goal is self-enrichment, it doesn’t… Read more »

How Bootcamp Scholarships are Promoting Women in Engineering

According to the National Science Foundation computer science actually is more male-dominated today than it was two decades ago. With women making up  29.6% of computer science graduates in 1991, compared with 18.2% in 2010. With stats like these, something needs to be done. There are two major ways that programs like Bloc, General Assembly, and… Read more »