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Designer Switches Careers with New Relic Scholarship

“Computer programming  has become an integral part of  society, through which we express ourselves and communicate with each other. Now, with the knowledge in both back-end and front-end, I feel that so many possibilities have opened up in my career.” Meet Soomin Kim, New Relic Diversity Scholarship Recipient and Full Stack Grad Before Bloc: Soomin studied… Read more »

Mentor Raves About UX Design Grad’s Accomplishments

From Sarah’s Mentor, Kurt Cunningham: “Sarah was wonderful to work with. Her attitude, enthusiasm and passion for web design made my job easy. Each week she brought plenty of questions and concerns to talk about. Having had a background in design, Sarah didn’t have much trouble creating elegant looking interfaces which was good thing because… Read more »

UC Berkeley Grad Lands Job at Gaming Startup

Meet Narin Kittikul, a Bloc Full Stack Web Development Grad Before Bloc: Narin graduated in 2013 with a BS in Computer Science from UC Berkeley – considered one of the world’s most prestigious computer science programs. After graduation, he took some time to travel, before getting down to the serious business of job hunting. As an… Read more »

Architect Pursues Dream Job as Developer

Meet Megan Byrne,  Bloc Full Stack Web Development Grad Before Bloc: Architect After Bloc: Developer Megan came to Bloc from a background in architecture, before deciding to make a change and learn to code. She got the opportunity to do some frontend work on her company’s website, and found herself hooked. For both economic and personal… Read more »

Healthcare Entrepreneur Brings Idea to Life With Web Development

Meet Marcus Collier, a Bloc Full Stack Web Development Grad Before: Marcus has a background in product development, but always knew he wanted to become an entrepreneur. His goal was to create a web application that would help prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and STDs, while still maintaining user privacy. After: Now that he’s done with Bloc,… Read more »

Julie Hankins — A Bloc Success Story!

Meet Julie Hankins, A Bloc Full Stack Web Development Grad Julie graduated from Indiana University with degrees in Accounting and Computer Information Systems. Her goal had always been to become a CPA, but she quickly found it did not satisfy her passion. She had loved her CIS courses, but felt they were more generalized and hadn’t… Read more »

Military Veteran Learns Ruby on Rails

  Meet Darin Thompson, a Full Stack Web Development Grad Before Bloc: Naval Security Officer After Bloc: Developer Darin joined the US Navy as a way to get paid to learn the computer skills he needed to build a career, and a future. Fast forward several months post-enlistment and the naval technology position he was hoping… Read more »

Programmer Refreshes Skills And Builds Startup

Meet Constantino Voulgaris, A Bloc Full Stack Web Development Grad  Before Bloc: Developer After Bloc: Constantino is now working on his own startup, Transactility. Constantino holds an MBA from UNC Chapel Hill, and has worked in technology and programming for many years, starting with the Atari 2600, C64, etc. Before starting Bloc, he worked in Assembly… Read more »