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Entrepreneur Transforms Into Software Engineer At Bloc

Meet Jared Rader, a Bloc Full Stack Web Development Grad    Before Bloc: Entrepreneur After Bloc: Software Engineer at Bloc Jared had an interesting mix of things coming into Bloc. He majored in Journalism and Chinese during undergrad – however, became interested in web development and entrepreneurship toward the end of his college career. He… Read more »

Entrepreneur Uses Web Development Skills For New Job

Meet Pablo Seuc-Rocher, a Bloc Full Stack Web Development Grad Before Bloc: Co-founder After Bloc: After completing Bloc and acquiring these new skills, Pablo now does Frontend coding on, “real-time” transcription of phone calls for the deaf. Prior to Bloc, Pablo obtained a degree in Finance and a masters degree in Strategy & Business Administration…. Read more »

Accountant Follows Passion to Create Educational App

Meet Vi Nguyen, a Bloc Full Stack Web Development Grad Before Bloc: Accountant After: Vi has launched her exam prep web app and now has students testing out her product. Vi is an accountant by day, but her true passion is her side business, helping Australian students prepare for a variety of written entrance exams. As… Read more »

Entrepreneur Moves to New York for New Career

“[I’ve] fallen totally in love with programming!” Meet Paddy Estridge, a Bloc Full Stack Web Development Grad Before Bloc: Prior to starting Bloc, Paddy left her non-technical job at Google to start a company. As she started to hire web developers, it became very expensive and pretty painful for her, so she tried to learn… Read more »

Aspiring Freelancer Becomes a Ruby on Rails Developer

“The best part of the Bloc experience was having Joost (my mentor) take me under his wing and getting to know him.” Meet Eric Ti Yu Chiang, a Bloc Full Stack Web Development Grad Before Bloc: Developer After Bloc: Ruby on Rails Developer Eric started Bloc with a background in Computer Science, primarily in non-web… Read more »

Updating Your Technical Skills

Meet John Hogarty, a Bloc Full Stack Web Development Grad Before Bloc: John came into Bloc as a truly “advanced beginner.” He had 20+ years of experience working in technology, including teaching, desktop and server support, LAN administration, and network engineering. In his current role he programs in Perl and his company’s home-grown language, which coincidently,… Read more »

Startup Enthusiast Turned Developer

Meet Orrett, a Bloc Full Stack Web Development Grad Before: Entrepreneur After: He’s currently doing a deep dive into Javascript and Frontend framework ember.js. He has a few ideas that he’s playing around with that he’d like to test using the ember.js/rails combo. He has a passion for early stage companies and he’s currently the Executive… Read more »