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Frontend Grad Creates BodyByYou

“I think Nick was awesome and great – I love that guy.” -Irwin on his mentor, Nick. Meet Irwin Litvak, a Frontend Grad! Before: Financial Data Associate After: Junior Front End Developer, North Street After realizing that finance wasn’t the right fit for him, Irwin invested his time in work that not only he enjoyed, but benefited… Read more »

Spotlight Alumni: Frontend Web Development

Aaron Linn Before Bloc: Web Designer/Web Developer, eBags After Bloc: Application Developer, Starbucks Why did Aaron enroll in Bloc? He had tried different options including Lynda, Codecademy, and Codeschool, but felt like he couldn’t put a lot of what he learned to practice. Thus he turned to Bloc and quit his job to purely focus on everything… Read more »

Spotlight Alumni: UX/UI Design

Gemma Haylett Before Bloc: Aerospace Engineer, Space Systems Loral After Bloc: Frontend Developer, Sephora Why did she enroll in Bloc? With a degree in Computer Science, Gemma decided to quit her job as an aerospace engineer to pursue her passion. This was sparked after her husband landed the job of his dreams , considering Gemma also wanted… Read more »

Spotlight Alumni: iOS Development

  Victor Yudi Tomo Before Bloc: Computer Science undergrad, UFSC After Bloc: iOS Developer, mobLEE Why did he enroll in Bloc? He’s always liked computers and was interested in programming. University was just something he thought that he should do, but he has some ideas and projects that he’d like to start working on as soon as… Read more »

How to Get Your Boss to Pay for a Coding Bootcamp

One of our Full Stack Web Development Grads, Ben Simmons,reflects back on his Bloc experience. As an employee-sponsored apprentice, Ben shares his advice for anyone thinking of enrolling in a bootcamp with a full-time job. Background: After using Treehouse to learn the basics, Ben worked freelance for several months before landing a job at Trinity… Read more »

Sephora Web Developer Shares Advice for Future UX Design and Frontend Web Development Students

One of our UX Design and Frontend Web Development Grads, Gemma Haylett, reflects back on her Bloc experience with tips and advice for anyone wanting to pursue their dreams and transition careers. Background: When Gemma graduated college with a BS in Computer Science, she found herself with few job opportunities, and eventually took a job… Read more »

BYU Instructor Learns Ruby on Rails Development to Build own Business

One of our Full Stack Web Development alumni, Lauralee, reflects back on her experience with Bloc, and shares tips and helpful strategies for anyone thinking about enrolling in a bootcamp. Background: With a degree in Applied Psychology and a focus on human-computer interaction, Lauralee came to Bloc with a unique background. She had her first… Read more »

Advice for Getting the Most out of Your iOS Bootcamp Experience

Our first iOS bootcamp grad, Kervins Valcourt, reflects back on his experience with Bloc, and elaborates on study tips and habits that benefited him the most. Background: After graduating with a degree in mathematics and applied computer science, Kervins knew he needed additional skills to make his goals as an entrepreneur come true. His goals… Read more »

Treehouse Learning Student Shares Advice on Why You Need a Mentor

One of Bloc’s Full Stack Web Development Grads, Jay Ottenstein reflects back on transitioning careers. He not only offers his insight, but tips and advice for anyone thinking of transitioning careers into the technical field. Background: Before coming to Bloc, Jay worked as a regional sales manager for a natural food product company. Jay decided… Read more »