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Bloc’s CEO and Alumni Give a Live Q&A

One of the Bloc values is “Rely on data and feedback.” We believe that this should not only apply to how we operate internally at Bloc, but also to prospective students. In that vein, we consistently get questions from people interested in changing their careers and becoming developers and designers. Our CEO, Clint Schmidt, hosted… Read more »

5 Tips to Maximize your Negotiating Power

Entering a new field can be intimidating. You’re confident in your abilities, but do you feel confident in negotiating your new salary? We want Bloc students to know their worth. Below are five tips to help you maximize your negotiating power and make the most of your new role. Do Your Research To make any… Read more »

Bloc Student Spotlight: From stay-at-home mom to Jr. Software Engineer at Orca Health

Emiko is a current Bloc student and Girl Develop It Scholarship winner. She recently landed a job as a Jr. Software Engineer at Orca Health. Previous to Bloc, Emiko was a stay-at-home mom. We asked her a few questions about her Bloc experience. Bloc: What were you doing before Bloc? Emiko: I was a stay-at-home mom, trying… Read more »

Bloc Alumni Spotlight: From English Lit Professor to Technical Content Creator at Compose

Abdullah Alger, Full Stack alum, recently landed a job as a Technical Content Creator at Compose – a company under IBM. Previous to Bloc, Abdullah was a Medieval English Lit Professor. We asked Abdullah a few questions about his Bloc experience. Bloc: What were you doing before Bloc? Abdullah: I was a professor of medieval… Read more »

Bloc Alumni Spotlight: Patricia Ehrhardt

Patricia Ehrhardt recently accepted a role at ePublishing as a Junior Ruby Developer. While she had previous experience programming, it wasn’t enough to get her into a full-time developer role. After attending Bloc, Patricia had the hard skills she needed to transition careers. We asked her a few questions about why she enrolled in Bloc… Read more »

iOS Grad Builds App for ESL Learners

According to CAELA–Center for Adult English Language Acquisition–there were over 2.5 million adults enrolled in ESL courses at federally funded learning programs in the 2004-2005 school year in the US ¹. Note: this astounding number excluded all children and adults that were learning English as a second language outside a federally funded learning program. Now, let’s discuss… Read more »

How a High School English Teacher Became a Developer at IBM

Zachary Melancon, a Full Stack Track student at Bloc, recently accepted a role at IBM as an Application Development Specialist. Landing a job at such a great company without having any prior programming experience is remarkable, and we wanted to ask Zach a few questions about how this high school teacher became a developer, and… Read more »