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iOS Grad Builds App for ESL Learners

According to CAELA–Center for Adult English Language Acquisition–there were over 2.5 million adults enrolled in ESL courses at federally funded learning programs in the 2004-2005 school year in the US ¹. Note: this astounding number excluded all children and adults that were learning English as a second language outside a federally funded learning program. Now, let’s discuss… Read more »

Bloc Curriculum Developers Share Their Favorite 10 Pre-Bootcamp Tutorials

Bootcamps are designed to prepare you for a new job as a developer, but admission into many bootcamps, and success during their programs, can depend heavily on how much you’ve learned before applying. With many code schools and dev bootcamps like Hack Reactor and Flatiron School boasting acceptance rates as low as 3%, learning on… Read more »

Beginner Builds Company’s First iOS App

“Having a mentor really made it clear that I needed to do something. It elevates your study beyond just a hobby” Meet Jon Jungemann, an iOS Grad Before Bloc: Project Development, Allen Credit and Debt Counseling Agency After Bloc: iOS Developer Coming into Bloc, Jon wasn’t interest in a career change — he found iOS… Read more »

Should I learn Swift or Objective-C for iOS development?

One of the most common questions we get asked is whether students should learn Swift or Objective-C. Aaron Brager, Bloc’s iOS Curriculum Developer, shared his opinion on the subject. Beginner students will be better served by initially learning Objective-C. Here’s why: Companies aren’t hiring Swift developers yet iOS Developers still need to know Objective-C Swift… Read more »

Software Architect for Motorola Switches Careers to Entrepreneur

“Sameer was an exceptional student. He quit his high-paying job and basically worked on Bloc full time. He was well prepared and went above and beyond with the projects.”– Falko, Sameer’s mentor Meet Sameer Totey, an iOS Grad! Before Bloc: Software Architect for Motorola/ Printrak After Bloc: Entrepreneur Fascinated by the mobile platform, Sameer came… Read more »

Spotlight Alumni: iOS Development

  Victor Yudi Tomo Before Bloc: Computer Science undergrad, UFSC After Bloc: iOS Developer, mobLEE Why did he enroll in Bloc? He’s always liked computers and was interested in programming. University was just something he thought that he should do, but he has some ideas and projects that he’d like to start working on as soon as… Read more »

Developer Advice from a Salesforce Software Engineer

Nick Ferraro, an iOS Development mentor gives his perspective of the Bloc experience. After mentoring numerous students through their courses, Nick not only has extensive knowledge when it comes to coding, but knows what it takes for a student to achieve success. Background: Nick Ferraro, a Software Engineer for, and an Adjunct Professor at… Read more »

Advice for Getting the Most out of Your iOS Bootcamp Experience

Our first iOS bootcamp grad, Kervins Valcourt, reflects back on his experience with Bloc, and elaborates on study tips and habits that benefited him the most. Background: After graduating with a degree in mathematics and applied computer science, Kervins knew he needed additional skills to make his goals as an entrepreneur come true. His goals… Read more »

Ultimate Guide to iOS Developer Bootcamps

Coding Bootcamps, aka “developer bootcamps,” “programming bootcamps,” or “coding schools,” have exploded onto the education landscape over the past five years. We decided to write the bootcamp guide we wish someone had written for us. We gathered basic information on all 17 iOS bootcamps in North America including location, cost, and year founded, and then we… Read more »