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Why You Should Enroll in a Coding Bootcamp

Here at Bloc, we rely heavily on data and feedback to make our programs better and help you get the job you want. We’re constantly looking to hiring managers, industry professionals, and industry news to make sure our programs are aligned with expectations in the field. It seems like 2016 was the year coding bootcamps… Read more »

Alumni Spotlight: Where Are They Now?

At Bloc, we are dedicated to helping aspiring developers and designers achieve their professional goals. Whether you’re a current teacher looking to become a UX Designer, or a product manager interested in learning more to progress your career, our mission is to help you succeed and provide you a supportive learning community. We’re thrilled to… Read more »

5 Tips to Maximize your Negotiating Power

Entering a new field can be intimidating. You’re confident in your abilities, but do you feel confident in negotiating your new salary? We want Bloc students to know their worth. Below are five tips to help you maximize your negotiating power and make the most of your new role. Do Your Research To make any… Read more »

Dear portfolio…

Chris Courtney is the Director of the Design Program at Bloc, Training Director for, and Mentor for Chris is speaking at interaction17 and hosting a meetup in New York on February 4. Follow him on Twitter to find out how you can meet Chris and other Bloc members.  Every week, several designer portfolios… Read more »

Career Advice for Bootcamp Grads

Bloc is the original online bootcamp, with over 80 professional developers in our network of mentors. We sat down with one of our most experienced mentors, Jonathan Linowes, to get his take on how to get your first developer job. Meet Jonathan In over 20 years in software development, Jonathan has worked at eight companies including… Read more »

July Career Digest: Bloc Grads on the Move

Every week, new Bloc students and graduates are landing jobs as developers and designers. Below are 9 of 15 graduates we celebrated with in July – all the way from iOS graduate Dan landing an internship at Instacart to web dev graduate Caroline moving from a sales role into a developer role. Scroll down for… Read more »