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Bloc’s CEO and Alumni Give a Live Q&A

One of the Bloc values is “Rely on data and feedback.” We believe that this should not only apply to how we operate internally at Bloc, but also to prospective students. In that vein, we consistently get questions from people interested in changing their careers and becoming developers and designers. Our CEO, Clint Schmidt, hosted… Read more »

Ruby on Rails Job Trends Report

Are you thinking about switching careers and becoming a web developer? We researched the job market for developers to create this single Ruby on Rails job trends report, which brings together data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics,, PayScale, O’Reilly Radar, and more. 1 Million More Jobs Than Students According to the  Bureau of… Read more »

Bloc Curriculum Developers Share Their Favorite 10 Pre-Bootcamp Tutorials

Bootcamps are designed to prepare you for a new job as a developer, but admission into many bootcamps, and success during their programs, can depend heavily on how much you’ve learned before applying. With many code schools and dev bootcamps like Hack Reactor and Flatiron School boasting acceptance rates as low as 3%, learning on… Read more »

Project Manager Makes the Transition to Junior Developer

Tien’s independence at finding solutions is excellent. Tien ensures her work is completed to a high standard and is thoroughly tested and she’s got a good understanding of the full-stack. Tien plans to continue working on her Capstone project (Wagscore – an app to score the dog-friendliness of an area for dog-owners) to help continue… Read more »

New Relic Awards $40,000 in Diversity Scholarships

Since the scholarship fund’s creation six months ago, New Relic has awarded over $40,000 in diversity scholarships and helped over 75 women, veterans, and under-represented minorities become web developers, mobile developers, and UX/UI Designers. Why Diversity Is Important In May, Google released the demographic makeup of the company, exhibiting the devastatingly low numbers of non-Caucasian,… Read more »

Summer of Code: Why Kids Still Aren’t Programming

This is a guest post by Prianna Pathak, Bloc’s marketing intern and recent Bryn Mawr College alum. Refresher: There’s a Skills Gap and It’s Getting Bigger We all know  the economy stinks. And we know how tough it is to find a job. But did you know that even for college grads, the underemployment rate… Read more »

Defining Mentorship: Bloc and Thinkful

When you start exploring the learn-to-code universe, you’ll quickly discover there are dozens of choices. Self-study websites like Codecademy and Treehouse are helpful if you want to go it alone and get your feet wet, while Bloc, Thinkful, Dev Bootcamp and others offer more immersive and holistic programs. If you’re considering an immersive program, but… Read more »