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Why do students choose Bloc? Alumni and current students give their feedback

This post was written by Mary Bergeron, Director of Marketing at SwitchUp.  Bootcamps have grown quickly in recent years, and students now face more choice than ever. According to SwitchUp’s research there are over 120 in-person bootcamps worldwide, and many more online programs. The sudden surge is the result of a widening skills gap in… Read more »

6 Best Pre-Bootcamp Tutorials

Bootcamps are designed to prepare you for a job as a developer. After teaching new skills to thousands of students over the years, we’ve seen that introductory tutorials can help students make sure that becoming a developer is right for them before enrolling. These tutorials will give you a taste of what programming is like… Read more »

GitHub Best Practices: Get the Most Out of the GitHub Platform

GitHub is a website that hosts code in a Git repository and provides collaboration features like bug tracking, code review tools, access control, and project discovery. There’s a lot to learn. Just getting started? Start with GitHub’s Hello World guide and Try Git tutorial to get the basics. This article will explore best practices and… Read more »

Insider’s Guide to Bloc’s Online iOS Bootcamp

Want an immersive program without sacrificing your job? Bloc is the world’s largest online iOS bootcamp, and has helped hundreds of grads launch new careers as developers. In this Insider’s Guide, we’ll introduce you to Bloc’s iOS course director, who will detail Bloc’s syllabus, which includes Swift, Objective-C, the iOS SDK, 2D gaming using SpriteKit,… Read more »

Are There Developer Bootcamp Scholarships for Veterans?

We  asked our marketing intern to sit down and research every single developer bootcamp in North America and find our what scholarships are offered. She sat down and wrote a blog post with all the different scholarship options including scholarships for Women, African Americans, Latinos, Pacific Islanders, Native Americans, Veterans, and Needs Based Scholarships. Here’s… Read more »