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It’s Complicated: Estimating Software Engineering Salary

Our programs are structured for one outcome: to help you get a challenging new job that you love! We employ mastery learning to ensure you understand concepts before moving on to the next topic. This is critical for success in getting a job after program completion. We believe in our program so much that we… Read more »

Bloc’s CEO and Alumni Give a Live Q&A

One of the Bloc values is “Rely on data and feedback.” We believe that this should not only apply to how we operate internally at Bloc, but also to prospective students. In that vein, we consistently get questions from people interested in changing their careers and becoming developers and designers. Our CEO, Clint Schmidt, hosted… Read more »

Your First Year as an Engineer

by Prachi Singh in Career Services. Working for Bloc requires a perpetual quest for information about education, careers, and success. While developing out ideas on career preparation, I posed a question to the Bloc Mentorship and Engineering teams. I asked: “What are the three things you learned in your first job as an engineer?” It started as… Read more »

7 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Started a CS Program

  It will be difficult. All computer science programs are difficult. This is primarily because the underlying material is difficult to comprehend. Computer science encompasses philosophy, math, science, and logic. All of these can be both very abstract and very specific. Your CS program will be incredibly difficult in this respect. You will have to… Read more »

7 Traits of Effective Software Engineers

If you’re considering a career as a software engineer, then you may have heard how difficult it is to learn. But the right mindset can give you a significant advantage when learning and working in the industry. Software engineers who embody these seven character traits are valuable employees and productive contributors. Curiosity It’s what killed… Read more »