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It’s Complicated: Estimating Software Engineering Salary

Our programs are structured for one outcome: to help you get a challenging new job that you love! We employ mastery learning to ensure you understand concepts before moving on to the next topic. This is critical for success in getting a job after program completion. We believe in our program so much that we… Read more »

Why do students choose Bloc? Alumni and current students give their feedback

This post was written by Mary Bergeron, Director of Marketing at SwitchUp.  Bootcamps have grown quickly in recent years, and students now face more choice than ever. According to SwitchUp’s research there are over 120 in-person bootcamps worldwide, and many more online programs. The sudden surge is the result of a widening skills gap in… Read more »

Alumni Spotlight: Fong Fan

At Bloc, we’ve taken note of how impressive our student body is. Just when we think our alumni have done it all, we hear from several more about how they’ve built incredible products, successfully pursued entrepreneurship, or transitioned into newer, better careers. We had the opportunity to interview one of our many outstanding graduates, Fong… Read more »

Don’t Learn to Code in 2016

by Mike Jewett, Head of Curriculum If you want to fail at something, make it your New Year’s resolution. “I will get in shape,” “I will be a better friend,” and “I will learn to code” are all unattainable goals. Goals in general are misguided and formless ideas. Achieving something is the result of many… Read more »

GitHub Best Practices: Get the Most Out of the GitHub Platform

GitHub is a website that hosts code in a Git repository and provides collaboration features like bug tracking, code review tools, access control, and project discovery. There’s a lot to learn. Just getting started? Start with GitHub’s Hello World guide and Try Git tutorial to get the basics. This article will explore best practices and… Read more »

Are You Job Ready? Tidy up These Public Profiles

If you’ve graduated from a coding bootcamp and you’re ready for that amazing new career opportunity, double check your internet profiles before sending off your résumé. Recruiters look at your social standing and public contributions in addition to your résumé and achievements. Do not give them a reason to turn you down! When in doubt,… Read more »

10 Tips for Being Productive When Working Remotely

Remote Work, Part II I’ve been working from home for nearly half a decade now, and it’s awesome — at times. Reducing my commute from 35 miles to 35 paces from my bedroom has helped me regain my sanity, but it’s caused issues elsewhere in my daily routine — and life for that matter. Here’s 10 tips… Read more »