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Bloc Introduces New Financing Options with Skills Fund

Our mission is to turn you into a developer and make our programs accessible to everyone regardless of background or financial circumstance. That’s why we’ve teamed up with lending partner Skills Fund to offer a variety of flexible payment plans. With these new payment options, students can focus on their  education and start making proactive career decisions, rather… Read more »

4 Ways 12-Week Coding Bootcamps Fall Short

If you think a traditional 12-week coding bootcamp will land you a job as a software engineer, think again. Here are four reasons why: 500 hours won’t get you job-ready. The number of hours you spend practicing is the best predictor of your success. If you’re learning to code from scratch, 12 weeks will get… Read more »

Should I Enroll In A Dev Bootcamp Over the Holidays?

A prospective student recently asked me “Should I enroll in a dev bootcamp over the holidays?” As we head into winter, people start thinking about traveling home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, spending time with loved ones, or perhaps getting away and finding someplace warm.  At the same time, we’re ambitious folks who want to invest… Read more »

Practicing Technical Writing within a Bootcamp

“Writing is a tool that enables people in every discipline to wrestle with facts and ideas. It’s a physical activity, unlike reading. Writing requires us to operate some kind of mechanism — pencil, pen, typewriter, word processor — for getting our thoughts on paper. It compels us by the repeated effort of language to go… Read more »

Bloc’s Youngest Apprentice is 16

“The program was well-developed and the curriculum covers a lot and while it’s intense, it’s good.” Meet Spencer, a Full Stack Web Development Grad Before Bloc: “My name is Spencer Cheng and I’m 16 years old. I started doing little coding camps here and there as a kid, but in the summer of 2013 I went to Stanford for… Read more »

An Entrepreneur Making A Change: Jeremy Odoffin, a Bloc Success Story

“It’s [all] about the dedication to your craft.” Meet Jeremy, a Full Stack Grad Before Bloc: Jeremy is a Houston native and a proud Howard University alum, who came into Bloc with a background in financial services and interests across tech, education, health care, and finance entrepreneurship. Jeremy also teaches Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a martial art based on… Read more »

Former Tennis Pro Builds Coaching App

“My goal is to build a very successful startup. This is going to take tremendous dedication and hard work and that’s exactly why I chose Bloc.” Meet Nikhil, a Full Stack Web Grad! Before Bloc: This past spring, Nikhil Sharma was finishing his junior year at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, with plans to become an… Read more »

Behold the handiwork of Bloc alumni! was a capstone project by Orrett – a Bloc alum based out of Orlando who wanted to help organize and grow the Orlando startup community Tagport was a project started by a beginner (with a little non-Rails coding experience). After Bloc he was accepted to the Google Summer of Code. Fanbass was a project started… Read more »