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Bloc Curriculum Developers Share Their Favorite 10 Pre-Bootcamp Tutorials

Bootcamps are designed to prepare you for a new job as a developer, but admission into many bootcamps, and success during their programs, can depend heavily on how much you’ve learned before applying. With many code schools and dev bootcamps like Hack Reactor and Flatiron School boasting acceptance rates as low as 3%, learning on… Read more »

Recap: How Coding Bootcamps Are Doing What Higher Ed and Recruiting Can’t

In a recent blogpost published by SkilledUp, editor Robert McGuire covered the rise of the developer bootcamp and its effects on everything from higher education to hiring. McGuire found that, “counting only full-time U.S. bootcamps, the tally has grown from 33 in 2013 to 43 so far this year, spreading out from the best-known tech hubs to… Read more »

Developer Bootcamp Review Site Interviews Bloc

Bloc recently sat down with Liz at the Course Report, a site that helps aspiring coders find the right developer bootcamp to fit their needs. We shared the details about Bloc’s history, curriculum, and why the apprenticeship model is so effective. Here’s a quick excerpt: What’s the story behind Bloc?   Bloc started 3 years ago,… Read more »

6 Questions to Answer Before Choosing a Web Development Course

If you’re ready stop “tinkering” and invest in an intensive, professionally oriented web development course, you’ve got a lot of options. When you reach your frustration boiling point with online tutorials and self-study books, you’ll seek out a proper course (keeping in mind your needs, wallet, and calendar). We’ve come up with six questions that… Read more »

This Friday: Online Info Session on Bloc’s 12-Week Web Development Apprenticeship

Learn more about Bloc's 12-week Web Development apprenticeship. We'll discuss how the course is different (and better!) than other web development courses, how mentorship is critical to learning web development, details about the curriculum, tuition and payment plans, and much more. Sign up here to attend: If you can't join us in real-time, check… Read more »

Parachuting into coding: we agree!

East Bay Express posted a great piece about intense programming education. It highlights the great things about this space, and the outcomes alumni can expect. From the article: “A large part of the programs’ success is due to stringent application processes and the incredible amount of resources they throw at students. The thought is: Anyone… Read more »

A letter to prospective students

Recently, a prospective student reached out to one of our alumni to learn his perspective on his Bloc course. We want to share the interaction to illuminate the student experience and help other prospective students decide whether or not Bloc may be right for them. Prospective Student Question How was your experience at Bloc? What… Read more »

Choosing the Right Web Development Course for You

How do you know which web development course is right for you? We know it can be difficult to make sense of the dizzying array of options in the marketplace, especially when lofty claims and gimmicks abound. Let us give you our informed and honest opinion on the dynamic of our industry. Web development schools… Read more »

Fizzbuzz on Bloc

In Why Can’t Programmers Program?, Jeff Atwood discusses the famous Fizzbuzz challenge, his frustration at how many programmers can’t solve it, and the implications for hiring. The challenge goes like this: Write a program that prints the numbers from 1 to 100. But for multiples of three print “Fizz” instead of the number and for… Read more »