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Why You Should Enroll in a Coding Bootcamp

Here at Bloc, we rely heavily on data and feedback to make our programs better and help you get the job you want. We’re constantly looking to hiring managers, industry professionals, and industry news to make sure our programs are aligned with expectations in the field. It seems like 2016 was the year coding bootcamps… Read more »

The Architect and the Builder: Web Designers vs Web Developers

When researching a new career, it’s important to know the duties of the role you’re looking into. Companies occasionally use the job titles “Web Developer” and “Web Designer” interchangeably when seeking out their services. Although the two do work symbiotically, their functions are very different. As an analogy, let’s compare the two to the roles… Read more »

Bloc Curriculum Developers Share Their Favorite 10 Pre-Bootcamp Tutorials

Bootcamps are designed to prepare you for a new job as a developer, but admission into many bootcamps, and success during their programs, can depend heavily on how much you’ve learned before applying. With many code schools and dev bootcamps like Hack Reactor and Flatiron School boasting acceptance rates as low as 3%, learning on… Read more »

Ultimate Guide to Frontend Bootcamps

Frontend developers ensure web applications are well-designed, responsive, and friendly to touch on mobile devices. Thanks to frontend frameworks like AngularJS, frontend programming is becoming a more important part of the web development stack.  These new frontend frameworks allow developers to move programming logic and data that was once restricted to server-side development onto the… Read more »

Once Upon A Time, The Story of Bloc

Bloc’s  Story Bloc pioneered the online bootcamp model, which offers an immersive, accelerated program in a part-time, online format. Dave Paola and Roshan Choxi started the program in 2012 after witnessing how difficult it was for students to make progress with self-paced online courses. Roshan felt that despite a world-class computer science education at UIUC, he learned far… Read more »

Software Development & Design Scholarship for Veterans

Here at Bloc we understand that unemployment rates for military veterans are at an all time high, which is why we are launching a developer bootcamp program for veterans. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Bloc would like to help by providing U.S. veterans the tools and resources needed to launch successful careers in… Read more »