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Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 11.17.05 AMBloc recently sat down with Liz at the Course Report, a site that helps aspiring coders find the right developer bootcamp to fit their needs. We shared the details about Bloc’s history, curriculum, and why the apprenticeship model is so effective. Here’s a quick excerpt:

What’s the story behind Bloc?  

Bloc started 3 years ago, when it was just Dave and Roshan. They were mentoring people personally and they put together a curriculum, working in online cohorts.  They had some in-browser exercises, and they did some videochat meetings, so it’s always been online. What they realized eventually was that content was important, but what really helped people learn was having a mentor and the apprenticeship model. We think it’s a really cool model that can grow into other industries.

Take us through the curriculum.  Which programming languages will students master in 12 weeks at Bloc?

We primarily use Ruby and Ruby on Rails for web development.  You start with some Ruby syntax in the first couple weeks, set up your coding environment, set up your accounts on GitHub, Sublime Text and Heroku. And then you do a few Ruby syntax exercises, and then you just dive into Ruby on Rails and build your first app… continue reading.

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