How Bootcamp Scholarships are Promoting Women in Engineering

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According to the National Science Foundation computer science actually is more male-dominated today than it was two decades agoWith women making up  29.6% of computer science graduates in 1991, compared with 18.2% in 2010. With stats like these, something needs to be done.

There are two major ways that programs like Bloc, General Assembly, and Dev Bootcamp have promoted more women in engineering. First, we have increased access to our programs by offering scholarships. The secondhas been to facilitate a student experience that female students find inclusive and accepting.

How Is Bloc Increasing Access for Women?

First, we sat down to explore how programs like ours are increasing access through scholarships. Here at Bloc, we have created a $25,000 scholarsip to fund in partnership with Women Who Code. Through this Women Who Code Scholarship, we offer 2 women per month a $1000 partial scholarship toward Bloc’s tuition, which represents a 20% partial scholarship – one of the highest scholarships in the industry.

How is Bloc Helping Women to Learn?

One of the pieces of feedback we, here at Bloc, have received, is that some women  prefer Bloc’s one-on-one approach above classroom-based bootcamps because they can choose a female mentor, providing them a safe space where they can feel free to ask questions. In a study on how men and women behaved in college classes, conducted by Columbia University’s Graduate school of Arts and Sciences Teaching Center, the researchers found that women were less likely to immediately respond to questions in large classrooms than their male counterparts.

Knowing this, we’ve worked hard to reduce this gender gap that is rampant by having capable female instructors and developers for all of our courses.

How Are Others Promoting Women in Engineering?

Next, we took a look at how others are doing in increasing access to women. Below is a list (current as of July 2014) that our intern just put together a comprehensive list of bootcamp scholarships for women.  We also put together a list of scholarships for ALL under-represented groups, which is posted here: The Ultimate Guide to Developer Bootcamp Scholarships

Here’s a list of the bootcamps with scholarships for women:

  • Bloc

  • Ada Developers Academy

  • Bitmaker Labs

  • Brainstation

  • Code Chicago

  • CodeCore Bootcamp

  • Coder Vox

  • Coding Campus

  • Dev Bootcamp

  • Dev League

  • Flatiron School

  • Grand Circus

  • gSchool

  • Hack Reactor

  • Hackbright Academy

  • Hacker School

  • Iron Yard

  • Launch Academy

  • Makers Academy

  • Metis

  • Mobile Makers

  • Nashville Software School

  • Omaha Code School

  • RefractorU

  • Sydney Dev Camp

  • Tech Bootcamps

Here’s a google spreadsheet you can use to filter between types of scholarships and discounts: The Ultimate Guide to Developer Bootcamp Scholarships

Women Who Code Scholarship Recipients

Alexandra Hanley

a-hanley circle

What were you doing before becoming a Developer?
For the past several years, I’ve been on a Marketing/Communications career track and have dabbled in everything from production and graphic design at multiple ad agencies to PR and driving the marcom strategy for multiple organizations.

Why did you choose to learn web development with Bloc?
I’ve always loved the problem-solving aspect of any job I’ve held, so when I decided to add an entirely new area of skills to my resume; web development seemed like exactly the right direction. With a flexible online schedule and mentorship set-up, Bloc was my first choice for gaining those skills while maintaining my current full-time job.

What do you plan to do after Bloc?
After Bloc, I plan to start weaving web-development into my current marketing role before branching out and starting fresh in a new industry. I also plan to use the new skill-set to help create online awareness for the local Denver non-profits I work with, including Girls on the Run of the Rockies.


AlissaLikavec circleAlissa Likavec

What were you doing before Bloc?
I’ve been a front-end web developer for three years, and I enrolled in Bloc’s full stack development program to build my back-end coding skills.

What do you plan to do after?
After Bloc, I look forward to bringing the best of both worlds to my projects and clients as a full-stack web developer



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