The First Bootcamp to Add Swift is Not a Bootcamp

Bootcamps that teach the New Swift language for iOS

The First iOS Bootcamps to Add Swift

According to industry analysts at Course Report these bootcamps have announced plans to add Swift:

  • Bloc – June 26th
  • TurnToTech – July 14th
  • Mobile Makers – July 21st

Except, as we keep trying to tell folks, we’re actually not a bootcamp. We believe in a lot of the same things… an immersive program, project-based learning, and most importantly, we believe in outcomes.

But actually, we deliver our course entirely online, we have part-time options, and, having graduated hundreds of students over nearly three years, we’re actually quite a bit bigger than most bootcamps. And as we’ve grown and evolved, we’ve become less and less like a bootcamp. Here are three of them.

3 Things We’ve Learned By Being an Un-Bootcamp

#1 – People want everything right now

Turns out, we have a big advantage over bootcamps when it comes to adding new concepts like Swift. At a bootcamp, the folks running the school are generally also the teachers giving the lectures, which means it’s tough to update the curriculum mid-cohort. In our case, our course directors can roll out new curriculum in real time. For example, we updated our Full Stack Development course to incorporate RSpec 3 within a few days of its release. Meanwhile, our 75+ mentors all over the world continued working with students every day without missing a beat.

#2 – People want part-time options that are also holistic

They don’t want to (or can’t afford to) sacrifice their day-job.  But they also want something like a bootcamp – something that is immersive and holistic. Roughly two thirds of our students opt for our part-time tracks, rather than our full-time track.

#3 – Sorry Google, nobody wants to learn Android

As one of the only programs to have courses in both Android and iOS, we have a unique perspective here. The initial enrollment numbers have been about 3x for iOS what they were for Android. These numbers alone showed us that we needed to pull resources away from elsewhere and put all our energy behind adding Swift.

We think our new course is the single best way for anyone in the world to become an iOS Developer without sacrificing their day job. You can start learning iOS Development and Swift as soon as Monday, June 30. To check out our full iOS curriculum, go here.



Dave & Roshan

Co-Founders, Bloc

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