Frontend Grad Creates BodyByYou

“I think Nick was awesome and great – I love that guy.” -Irwin on his mentor, Nick. 1069341_10201760701602725_666526912_n.jpg

Meet Irwin Litvak, a Frontend Grad!

Before: Financial Data Associate

After: Junior Front End Developer, North Street

After realizing that finance wasn’t the right fit for him, Irwin invested his time in work that not only he enjoyed, but benefited others, as well as being a part of a company where his ideas really mattered. After spending a copious amount of time researching bootcamps, he finally decided on Bloc after his friend, a frontend developer, recommended Bloc.

Having some experience with HTML and CSS, Irwin was ready to dive into Bloc’s curriculum- he had already completed the prep work, and felt confident coming in. After joining the Bloc Hacker Club, a community where Bloc students and mentors can work on projects, discuss opportunities and challenge each other to develop and maintain great habits. Irwin found help from other members in his same position, and eventually formed a team with two other Bloc students to compete in Hackathons with. With the goal to make a career change and become a web developer, Irwin completely invested himself in his studies and made it his job to reach this goal.

Irwin’s Capstone Project, BodyByYou:

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 3.34.09 PM.png

Irwin’s Portfolio:

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 11.36.41 AM

Here’s what Irwin had to say about his Bloc experience:

Average time commitment during Bloc:

During his apprenticeship, Irwin spent his the entire day on hangouts with his teammates, with a few breaks in between. He even spent 36 hours with his team participating in a hackathon, which was so fun- “I learned so much and couldn’t have had a better team.”  

Total number of apps completed:

A grand total of 5.

Goals coming into Bloc:

Irwin’s goals stayed the same throughout his time at Bloc, but now he is a lot more confident in his skills and has found a passion for coding.

How Bloc helped:

Irwin really liked the pair programming and team aspect of our course- that’s what really solidified his passion for this. He’s really grateful for his teammates and his mentor, and feels very lucky to have them. Having teammates and a mentor made a huge difference for Irwin- he still keeps in touch with his teammates (now friends) and they are even going on a  snowboarding trip soon!

Biggest roadblock during the program:

Irwin encountered some trouble with concepts that he had difficulty understanding. Luckily he had made a friend networking, and was able to seek guidance and help from him when his mentor wasn’t available.

Advice for anyone who wants to learn to code:

To choose your mentor wisely, to be excited, and have patience. His teammates would send him videos sometimes helping him overcome frustrations and roadblocks, and those provided Irwin with the reassurance he needed to plow through. Future students should also seek out joining a team Irwin leaned on his teammates many times for support, and continues to work with them.

Experience learning with a mentor:

Irwin and Nick are now friends; Nick helps Irwin with his hacker club team. “Nick is fantastic,” says Irwin,”If I could give him 5 stars I would.”

Was Bloc worth it?

Yes- the people Irwin met, and relationships he built really solidified what he was doing. Without them he would have been stressed out and really nervous.  The relationships he built, and working with those people day in and out really solidified what he was doing.


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