Insider’s Guide to Bloc’s Online UX Design Bootcamp


Want an immersive program without sacrificing your job? Bloc is the world’s largest online UX Design Bootcamp, and has helped hundreds of grads launch new careers as developers. In this Insider’s Guide, we’ll introduce you to Bloc’s UX Design course director, who will detail Bloc’s syllabus, which includes Adobe’s Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML5, CSS3, and understanding Responsive Design. Next, we’ll give you a first-hand account of the Bloc program experience from a recent student and her mentor.  In the Info Session recording, Course Director Joey Kirk goes into great detail about how Bloc’s online bootcamp works, and what exactly you’ll learn in the UX Design Course Syllabus Joey has developed.

How Does an Online UX Design Bootcamp Work, Anyway?

As coding bootcamps have sprung up over the past three years, Bloc has emerged as the leading online bootcamp. You’ll get the accountability of a bootcamp as you work one-on-one with a mentor, and a world-class UX Design curriculum we wrote from scratch. At the same time, you’ll get the benefits of an online program: you can take Bloc from anywhere, and we can tailor the one-on-one program just for you. Finally, you can enroll in a part-time track, so that you can undertake this program without sacrificing your day job.

We believe in an apprenticeship approach to learning. An apprenticeship differs from a classroom in a few ways. Classrooms treat everyone the same. We’ll teach everyone individually. Classroom teach concepts, we focus on projects. Classrooms give you a certificate, we’ll give you a portfolio. You’ll apprentice one-on-one alongside a master developer to design real apps you can share with the world.

A First-Hand Look At Bloc’s Program

 JoeyMeet Joey – UX Design Course Director

Prior to joining the Bloc team, Joey helped build a team of designers to lead one of the country’s largest media company’s User Experience group.  In addition to writing the course material for the UX Design Course, Joey has worked with several companies around the world in designing brands, web sites and mobile applications. He also tends to build out anything he designs, using HTML/CSS, Javascript, and sometimes, Rails.

Meet GemmaGemma

Prior to enrolling in Bloc, Gemma worked as an Engineer in San Francisco.  Today she’s a Frontend Developer at Sephora.   Gemma’s projects include Jottly, Juvo, and Paycrave.

NinaMeet Nina

Nina worked as a Marketing Manager at Webpass before enrolling in Bloc.  She now works at Tata Communications as an Interaction Designer. Nina’s projects include, Jottly, Paycrave, Teee, Wings of Angels Transport.

Meet Terry – A UX Design MentorTerry

In addition to being a Bloc mentor, Terry works as a developer in healthcare technology.  He has also acted as the Creative Art Director for the Bohlson Group, IndianaUploaded, and The Brand Artist.  Terry co-founded IndianaUploaded and worked as a graphic designer for The Brand Artist.

Bloc’s UX Design Curriculum

The number one thing that prospective students want to know is what they’ll learn in Bloc’s online UX Design Bootcamp. Here are some of the highlights from Bloc’s UX Design Syllabus that was created for Bloc by our Course Director Joey Kirk. For complete details, watch the info session recording (below) where Joey goes over the syllabus in great detail, or request a copy of the syllabus on the UX Design bootcamp course page.

  • Learn the fundamentals and the constraints of designing for mobile.
  • Design your second app – this time with a little less help from us, and a little more ingenuity. Create a food truck mobile payments app for iOS7 and iPhone.
  • Learn the differences in design patterns between iOS, Android and Windows Phone by re-designing your food truck mobile payments app for Android and Windows Phone.
  • Gain an understanding of presenting, selling, defending and critiquing your work.
  • Discover the principles of great user experience.
  • Learn about user-centric design, focusing on users and goals.
  • Design your third app, a complex web app similar to Kickstarter.  Design user flows and wireframes.
  • Find out how personas and user research can influence your final product.
  • Define your personal brand identity.
  • Translate your brand identity into the design for your fourth app – a portfolio website dedicated to displaying your personality and design work.
  • Combine everything you’ve learned as you design, code, test, and launch your portfolio website. Showcase the skills you’ve learned from being a Bloc design apprentice.
  • Build your portfolio to show your potential clients or employers.


Mentors are the heart and soul of Bloc. Your mentor acts as:

  •  A coach providing insight into the best way to tackle a problem
  •  An experienced guide to help you when you get stuck
  •  A career mentor sharing years of industry insight and experience

Structure and Support

Bloc provides an integrated experience of structure and support. Program coordinators help students stay on track and mentors and course directors monitor an online help center so you can get un-stuck between mentor appointments

Download the Info Session Slides

Watch the Info Session Recording

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