It’s Complicated: Estimating Software Engineering Salary

Estimating Salary

Our programs are structured for one outcome: to help you get a challenging new job that you love! We employ mastery learning to ensure you understand concepts before moving on to the next topic. This is critical for success in getting a job after program completion. We believe in our program so much that we have a tuition reimbursement guarantee for students who meet our program standards. If you’ve already had a call with one of our Student Advisors, you’ve probably asked about salary expectations. This is a frequent question we get and though it would be easier to give just one number, the truth is that salary estimates vary due to several changing variables. In this article, we’ll cover the range of salaries based on location for Software Engineers, highlight the complexity in estimating salary on a per student basis, and why you should care.

Due to bootcamps being unregulated, numbers around salaries and expectations can be skewed and miscommunicated. As an online bootcamp that caters to people from around the world, we cannot guarantee a particular title or location. We are here to help you get the job you love through mock interviews, mentorship, and world-class career support while practicing genuine student advocacy. We practice this throughout Bloc, but when it comes to salary expectations being genuine advocates for students specifically means being transparent about the state of industry standards and what students should use to set their expectations.

Here are a few factors that go into estimating salary when looking to get a job in software engineering:

Job location

It is likely that there are different salary estimates for cities in the same state. For example, someone in San Diego will get paid differently than someone in San Francisco. Over 100 cities are covered under our tuition guarantee umbrella, which makes pinpointing salary for each one difficult. Most programs, including Bloc, will highlight median salary on a national level since many online bootcamps are national (in our case, worldwide). A great resource to look at when researching salaries based on specific locations is Below is a specific example of the wide range of salaries by state for those who are looking to be Software Developers of Applications.  This gets more complex as you narrow down to a city level:

Software Developer, Applications Annual Median Salary

State Annual Median Salary
Alabama $90,430
Alaska $100,920
Arizona $90,330
Arkansas $83,410
California $118,220
Colorado $103,910
Connecticut $97,030
Delaware $99,460
DC $112,830
Florida $85,110
Georgia $95,590
Hawaii $79,940
Idaho $79,360
Illinois $96,300
Indiana $78,220
Iowa $84,120
Kansas $85,540
Kentucky $77,520
Louisiana $73,370
Maine $82,840
Maryland $99,390
Massachusetts $106,970
Michigan $82,770
Minnesota $90,620
Mississippi $84,380
Missouri $94,610
Montana $73,550
Nebraska $86,680
Nevada $91,860
New Hampshire $99,100
New Jersey $95,810
New Mexico $80,900
New York $106,770
North Carolina $95,100
North Dakota $73,710
Ohio $89,020
Oklahoma $81,230
Oregon $97,380
Pennsylvania $92,260
Puerto Rico $53,750
Rhode Island $92,790
South Carolina $81,140
South Dakota $75,560
Tennessee $82,740
Texas $104,500
Utah $93,450
Vermont $91,720
Virginia $106,890
Washington $126,140
West Virginia $84,870
Wisconsin $81,160
Wyoming $64,200


Job level

Median salaries listed by the BLS cover the gamut of software engineers. That means people with the same job title could have a different level of experience. Someone who’s been working in software for 2+ years is going to be paid differently than someone who has 0 years of experience.   

Job title

If you complete our Software Developer Track program, you’ll be able to apply for a wide range of jobs with different job titles. Given the apprenticeship and depth of our program, students who excel in our Software Developer Track program may be able to work in a position higher than junior level depending on the company and requirements of the job. You’ll be paid less for a junior level position than a higher level position, so apply to both as you’re job searching as even this slight change in title can affect your potential salary.


Working at Google is different than working for a startup. The size of company will make a difference in your compensation package. Glassdoor is a great resource when researching specific companies. If you have a dream company that you want to work for, this is where you would go to get an estimated salary, potential stock options, and benefits. Note that for smaller companies or startups, there may not be salary or benefits data for a specific position you’re interested in applying for. For example, the salary estimates for a Jr. Software Engineer for Yelp in San Francisco is $95,610, whereas a smaller company, like ZapLabs has a Jr. Software Engineer position with an average salary between $74,000 and $83,000.  

Due to the difficulty of estimating this number, our tuition reimbursement guarantee promises a minimum offer of $60,000 for a role relating to software development. We believe this is possible with the help of our Career Services team that has worked hard to help Bloc students get jobs all over the United States. They are here to help you determine the quality of the offers you receive and make sure that you are negotiating effectively for the highest salary possible.

Interested in learning more about our Software Developer Track? Attend one of our daily information sessions!

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