Job Prep Grad Lands Position as Ruby on Rails Developer

“I see Lynda and Codecademy as supplemental resources to Bloc. Bloc takes you down the path of what you need to know in order to be successful in this industry.”

Meet Harry Levine, a Rails Web Development Grad!

Before Bloc: Holding MA in Education, and BA in Kinesiology and Molecular Biology, Harry was the Director of Training for a software company

After Bloc: Software Engineer at Mojo Lingo

Harry’s Bloc experience:

As a working father, Harry was juggling day-to-day life all while trying to change careers. He was in Education for 15 years covering all sorts of roles, but his most recent roles have been with software companies. Harry has always been compelled by technical jobs, and their flexibility to create new things, so he decided to take the plunge and switch careers.

Before finding Bloc, Harry had tried a few resources online, but as an aspiring developer he needed more. With a full-time job and two daughters, he was unable to put forth the time and energy that was necessary for a career change. That’s when he decided to enroll in night school at the University of Denver, but found that the curriculum and materials were all outdated. “I realized very quickly that there was somewhat of a stereotype around colleges for not really being in step with this profession – I experienced that firsthand. The syllabus was many years old, and the professor wasn’t concerned with changing the dates or textbooks, so I dropped out. ”

After he finished his first quarter, he made the decision to drop out and look for a new program, which is what led him to Bloc. “I was looking for something where I could balance still having a full time job, but then also learn, and I came across this fantastic opportunity, Bloc. I started to look into it and it looked like something I’d be able to balance and accomplish what I wanted, and still put food on the table and do what I wanted to do.”

Not only did Bloc work around Harry’s schedule, but having a mentor by his side made all the difference to him, “Mentorship was the biggest, most integral component in me transitioning careers.”  According to Harry, “My mentor was amazing. His name was Elliot Sykes. He was so supportive, so in-tune with what I Needed to do. Any time I needed to spend more time – 20 minutes, 50 minutes – anything I needed he was willing to do.”

Job Prep:

Following Harry’s successful graduation from Bloc, he enrolled in our Job Prep program. According to Ben Neeley, our Full Stack Web Development Mentor, “Harry was a fantastic student. He came into job prep with a serious focus on getting a job. He had mastered the course work and gone beyond the base material with the help of his mentor. He had a great attitude, he was quick to look for ways to improve and had a great easy going, yet confident attitude.”

Check out Harry’s SwitchUp interview to hear more about his Bloc experience!

Harry’s Capstone Project, Mind On Rails: a memory aid and notes capture app for developers learning Rails.

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