How Bloc Prepares Job-Ready Developers and Designers

Are you still searching for an online coding bootcamp to join? Let us help you out. Whether you have a technical background or not, we know it can be hard to navigate which program or curriculum is best suited for your goals.

Quality > Quantity
Hiring managers are looking for candidates that are well-versed in programming fundamentals and have the ability to learn quickly and adapt to new concepts. For this reason, our curriculum isn’t inundated with a distracting quantity of frameworks, languages, and tools. Rather, Bloc’s programs are highly focused on quality and depth of knowledge in foundational languages (HTML/CSS and Javascript across all programs, Ruby for Web Developer and Software Developer Track students, and Adobe Creative Suite for Designer Track students). As our curriculum developers say, “If you’re going to do something, do it well.”

We Teach Self-Starters 
Aside from diving deep into core languages, Bloc also equips its students for job readiness by teaching them to be true self-starters. We believe that there is a distinct difference between mentorship and hand-holding. Our programs have been highly-vetted and built to help make students self-sufficient in their ability to code or design. When you step into work on the first day at your new job, you’ll be off making an impact, not waiting for your manager to walk you through it.

Our mentors, boasting an average of nine years of experience in the field, know exactly what it takes to make our students efficient and independent performers. That’s why we’ve developed a project-based learning model that provides real-world experience for students to practice coding or design, just as they would in the workplace.

We Create Problem Solvers
Although Bloc’s main goal in its teaching style is to make our students “job ready”, the journey doesn’t end there. What we focus on in each of our career tracks is programming fluency. Often times, your first job as a developer or designer will include working with a language that you don’t know. This is why Bloc challenges students to learn in new ways so that they can master different languages quickly. We want to prepare you with these skills so that you can continue to grow after you’ve graduated from Bloc.

Still stuck on choosing a bootcamp? Schedule a call with one of our Student Advisors and let them tell you why Bloc is the best decision for any prospective student who is serious about changing their career. They’ll be happy to answer any questions you have or connect you with our alumni network to hear for yourself how Bloc does education better.

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