July Career Digest: Bloc Grads on the Move

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Every week, new Bloc students and graduates are landing jobs as developers and designers. Below are 9 of 15 graduates we celebrated with in July – all the way from iOS graduate Dan landing an internship at Instacart to web dev graduate Caroline moving from a sales role into a developer role.

Scroll down for a glimpse at some of our July superstars.

Meet Bloc’s July Superstars:



Dan Loman

Before Bloc: Business Development
After Bloc: iOS Engineering Intern at Instacart

“Bloc, for one thing, got me back to doing something I loved. I’ve always had a knack and a love for building things, but had somehow gotten sidetracked from that goal. Now, I’m back on track and loving the things that I need to work on/learn on a daily basis. To say I’m happier now would be one of the biggest understatements I’ve ever made. 😄 “


Caroline Courtney
Web Development

Before Bloc: Sales Associate
After Bloc: Web Developer at Earthwave Technologies

“Besides the increased earning potential, I’ve found something I really can see myself doing and being passionate about for a long time to come.”


Carl Truong
Web Development

Before Bloc: Business Consultant
After Bloc: Full Stack Developer at PlanOmatic

“Bloc set me up with the right pragmatic and analytical skills. Learning syntax is important, but the real key to success is learning to think through a problem self sufficiently. With these skills, I was able to switch into a career I love.”


Jordan Epps
Web Development

Before Bloc: Entreprenuer
After Bloc: Jr. Software Developer at Revolution Prep

“It completely opened up a world of possibility. I’m completely confident that I’ve found what I want to do for the rest of my life and I couldn’t be happier about it.”


Jeya Karthika

Before Bloc: Systems Engineer
After Bloc: UX Designer at Onthehouse

“One of the reasons I took the course was because I wanted to be in a career which I will love. My dad always told me that if I love my work I will never work another day and that was my endgame. It was a hard journey to take and am glad I didn’t give up. Now everyday I look forward to my work and I smile knowing I am exactly where I wanted to be.”


Tyler Schmidt
UX/UI & Frontend

Before Bloc: Freelance Designer
After Bloc: Art Director at Upshot

“Bloc pushed me to think about design in entirely new ways, all of which are applicable outside of the digital world and have improved me in my print design work as well. Bloc also really strengthened my desires to constantly grow and learn new things as a designer and to even come back for more courses later.”


Ryan Walker

Before Bloc: Lawyer and Engineer
After Bloc: Wireless Software Engineer at Apple

“It was the best decision I’ve ever made. I wanted it to test my resolve in transitioning between PM/Biz to being a full-time engineer. I chose the three-month track to see if I could hang in a full-time atmosphere for programming. I went to bed thinking about my code, dreamed about it, and woke up excited (most of the time 😄 ) to continue writing it. It was awesome.”


Afshan Syed

Before Bloc: Product Manager
After Bloc: UX Designer at CEB


Nicolas Chapa

Before Bloc: Freelancer
After Bloc: Mobile UX Designer at Bilingual Children’s Enterprise

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