Learn at the Speed of Life — New Path Pricing at Bloc

The coolest thing about the mentor/apprentice relationship is it’s ability to adapt the education experience to the needs of the apprentice. Sometime one size fits all, but when it comes to how we learn, one size rarely fits anyone. So we’ve adjusted our course prices and schedules to support your learning goals, at whatever pace works best for you.


Now, when you sign up for a course with Bloc, you can choose based on how many hours you can spare for your education each week. Whether that’s a full 40 hours/week, 25-30 hours/week, or only 12-15 hours/week, you will pay the same price. Bloc now accommodates students with fewer hours to spare each week, and makes our course more affordable and accessible for everyone. Our mentors will help build a schedule that works for you both, while delivering a project-based, success-oriented educational experience focused on real results!

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