Online Bootcamps & Holding Education Accountable – Bloc CTO’s Guest Post

Hoding Education Accountable

In a recent article featured by Astro Awani, Malaysia’s first 24 hour news and information station, Bloc CTO Dave Paola covered how Bloc helps developers and designers accomplish their goals of learning to code through the apprenticeship model.


What Today’s Learners Need From an Online Bootcamp


Paola said that, “professors believe in standing up at the front of a classroom and talking at us. Mentorship is about working alongside a student to build something together.” Yet while that may be fine if one’s goal is self-enrichment, but not if these services position themselves as a path to career change.

He explained that Today learners want programs that will hold them accountable, and programs that they can hold accountable. In a recent study of people who have tried learning to code using Codecademy, 72% said they never finished with a graduation rate. Another example would be traditional education where these for-profit universities have a dropout rate is 78%. Meanwhile the post-graduation unemployment rate has skyrocketed to 8.5% and the average student debt now tops $26K. Whereas Bloc has a graduation rate of 90%.


A Program With Accountability Built-In

Bloc is not just an online bootcamp. It’s an apprenticeship program designed to help students cross the chasm from total beginner to junior developer. Unlike bootcamps, we are doing this at scale, all over the world. We have a much larger dataset to work with, and we can iterate on our product every day, rather than just once per cohort.

Focusing on Accountability in 4 Ways:

  • Focus on Results– If you aren’t putting in the time, and giving you the opportunity to catch up or switch to a slower track isn’t helping, we can and will eject you from the program.

  • Up-to-Date Skills– Bloc’s curriculum was updated the same week, and every student who covered that checkpoint since then has been learning the latest version.

  • Generalized Skills– Things change very quickly in this industry, and understanding the ebbs and flows of change throughout the community is itself a valuable skill.

  • Career Advice-With these real developers at hand you also have the added advantage of having someone who has not only navigated the job market in your given industry.


For more information on our iOS, Android, Frontend Web Development, Full Stack Web Development, and UX Design bootcamps check out each course page!

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