US Army Servicewoman Receives Web Development Scholarship for Veterans

Meet Christine Stauffer, A Bloc Full Stack Web Development Grad

christine staufferBefore Bloc: West Point Graduate

After Bloc: Technology Analyst

Christine is a West Point graduate and a veteran of the US Army who joined Bloc to learn web development and build a new career. Before enrolling in Bloc, Christine had enrolled in Creative Circus, an art school based in Atlanta that teaches design, advertising, and copywriting. While there, she realized she wanted to expand her technical skills so she could bring her designs to life.

Christine’s Bloc Experience:

Christine describes her Bloc experience as progressive with strong and consistent forward momentum. She enjoyed having the motivation and coaching of a mentor, which had been lacking when she had tried self-study options like Codecademy in the past. According to Christine, such tools  were  great for  basics, but couldn’t teach the “why’s.”

Web Development Scholarship for Veterans

Christine was part of a scholarship program to assist US military veterans and current servicemen/women transition to civilian careers. Through the program, veterans gain the latest skills in web development, mobile development, or UX design as they work on real projects in an intensive online bootcamp. Learn more about veteran’s scholarship.

Q&A With Christine

We recently sat down to ask Christine about her Bloc experience.

Bloc: Was Bloc worth It?

Christine: Absolutely. I would do it again! A different course and pay you twice as much! I wish I could give you more not-great feedback, because that can be helpful, but I have nothing bad to say. [Bloc was] the perfect mix of challenge and achieve-ability. [It was] a good mix of resistance and reward.

Bloc: What did you think of your mentor Aaron Brongersma?

Christine: I don’t have enough good things to say about Aaron. He went above and beyond to work with me, and spent time not just teaching skills, but [also] professional life coaching.

In the end, Christine not only gained new skills, using Spree to build an eCommerce store (which is on Heroku and will hopefully be live soon), but she also landed a role that was a great fit for her varied background as a Technology Analyst.

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