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Thinking beyond designer*

This article was written by Chris Courtney, Bloc’s Designer Track Program Director. What does it mean to be a ‘designer’ in a world that continues to adopt new definitions for the work that designers do and how can you possibly create a career in such a turbulent environment? When I got started as a visual… Read more »

The Intentional Design Behind Bloc’s Unique Programs

This article was written by Dave Paola, Bloc’s Founder, and Courtland Alves, the Part-Time Web Developer Track Program Director. For decades universities have been the go-to place for hiring managers to recruit engineers to fill entry level positions. Today, the skills gap is widening. Universities aren’t graduating enough students to fill the demand and only… Read more »

4 Steps to Choosing the Web Development program that’s right for you

So wanna learn to code. Maybe you’ve tried learning on your own with services like Codecademy, Hartl Rails Tutorial, Udacity, or Udemy. Like most folks who attend our info session, you’ve probably been frustrated learning on your own. And you’re ready to get serious about learning. How should you decide on the best program for… Read more »