Tech Talk: How to Design and Develop a Simple Site

Here at Bloc, we’ve hosted a free, online Tech Talks on everything from how to get started developing for Android to building IPhone apps.As a designer, most companies expect you to not only know how to design but also develop your designs into beautiful markup In this Tech Talk, we sat down with the head the UX Design Course Director to walk you through how to do this for a simple website and answer questions you may have.


About the Host- Joey Kirk

Prior to joining Bloc as the UX Design Course Director, Joey Kirk led and helped develop UX teams for several companies. He has also led design for a number of startups as well as helping form the UX team for one of the largest domestic media companies. He is deeply passionate about sharing his craft.

In this Tech Talk, Joey covered:

Introduction to Design
We’ll briefly discuss the importance of good design and the impact that it has.

Mocking It Up
Next, we’ll use Photoshop to quickly design our simple website and prepare for development.

Quickly Prototyping
Finally, we’ll quickly code our site using HTML and CSS, while making it responsive


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