The Future of Education: Online, Immersive, and Tailored to You

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Over the last few years at Bloc, we’ve learned something important in teaching hundreds of students.

Rigidity sucks.

Courses, payment options, curriculum — none of it should be rigid. The future of online education, as we see it, is to adapt, adapt, adapt. More courses. More flexibility. More customization.

So we’re focused on providing online apprenticeships that adapt to what’s needed for you and what produces the best results.

In that spirit, today we’re announcing three different tracks for our apprenticeship with varied weekly time commitments to accommodate more students:

Bloc launches multiple tracks for its apprenticeships in web development and web design

  • 12-Week Track: our most compressed, time-intensive option, requiring a commitment of 40 hours per week
  • 24-Week Track: The same high-quality apprenticeship, but with a lower commitment of 20 hours per week
  • 48-Week Track: Best-suited for those with full-time jobs and busy lives, requiring 10 hours per week

Why Are We Adding Multiple Tracks?

Over and over, we hear from students that they are putting off learning to code because they don’t have time. They can’t quit their job or relocate. So we adapted, and put student needs at the center. And for any track, student can further customize their Bloc experience:

  • Choose a seasoned mentor whose experience best aligns with your goals
  • Choose your own projects from our flexible curriculum to emphasize the concepts and frameworks that interest you
  • For your capstone, design, build, and launch your own idea from scratch

Regardless of the track you choose, when you make the commitment you’ll graduate from Bloc as a fully-capable, job-ready junior developer or designer.


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