Yoga Studio Owner Transforms into UX Designer

Meet Bridget Lyons, A UX Design Grad


Before Bloc: Yoga Instructor

After Bloc: Freelance Designer

Bridget is a self-described “lifelong teacher, learner, seeker, adventurer, athlete, artist, and explorer,” who’s been working in and around education for the last twenty years. When she owned her own yoga studio, she learned how valuable technical skills are in promoting a business. An interesting role she found herself in over the years was that of a “technology interpreter” for her artistic friends, helping introduce them to new trends online.

She came into Bloc with the goal of gaining more of these skills, with the plan to get more friends online to help them express themselves and promote their own businesses.

Bridget entered Bloc with minimal experience managing a site and some basic tech knowledge, but didn’t consider herself very tech-savvy. Considering she didn’t grow up immersed in technology, there was a lot for her to catch up on.

Bridget was drawn to Bloc because we have mentors – if you miss something you can actually talk something through with someone and really understand. Bridget decided to enroll in our UX Design course because she’s interested in client interaction, and considers herself a good communicator. To work with artists, it’s important to have a solid grasp on design principles.

Bridget’s Bloc Experience:

Because she enjoyed the coursework, Bridget flew through the curriculum, and was often ahead-of-schedule. Towards the end of her apprenticeship, she got a freelance job designing a site for a hedge fund company. Her Bloc capstone was to build out her friend’s site to promote their art. The format of the site was inspired by the art itself, and she plans to take this philosophy and apply it to other projects in the future.  Bridget is now working with a few more friends to build out their online presence and businesses, all the while adding more to her portfolio which will eventually live on her own site and freelance.

Bridget’s Capstone:

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 11.29.03 AM

Advice for anyone who wants to learn to code or just enrolled in Bloc:

Looking back, Bridget attests that Bloc absolutely helped her pursue her goal, and was an indispensable part of the process. The roadmap is a well-built instructional framework, where it’s safe to push through stumbling blocks and experiment with your mentor. It was great to have Office Hours as a resource, and her advice to new students is to dive right in, ask big questions, and see our resources to better enable yourself to build what you want.

Find Bridget on Linkedin.
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