The Ultimate Guide to Developer Bootcamp Scholarships

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The Importance of Diversity

As well all know, software development needs more diversity. At Bloc, we offer scholarships for women, minorities who are underepresented in tech, and veterans. That being said, we know a lot of students who consider Bloc are also looking at a number of physical bootcamps, so we got our intern Prianna to do some research so you don’t have to! Below, you’ll find her list of every available developer bootcamp scholarship.

Bloc Diversity Scholarship and Women Who Code Scholarship

Bloc offers two scholarships to promote diversity. First, we offer the New Relic Diversity Scholarship – a program sponsored by New Relic where we select 9 students per month to receive a $500 scholarship toward their Bloc tuition. We also recently launched a new Women Who Code scholarship, where each month we select three women to receive a $1000 scholarship toward Bloc. So far, the New Relic Scholarship program has helped over 60 students learn web development, mobile development, and UX Design.

For more information on our iOSAndroidFrontend Web DevelopmentFull Stack Web Development, and UX Design bootcamps check out each course page!

 Developer Bootcamp Scholarships

Ulitmate Guide to Bootcamp Scholarships- FINAL


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