Dental Worker Turned Web Developer Creates “The Fancy Pants Report”

Meet Tyler Ball, a Frontend Grad

13253_10102554510532247_151755134_nBefore Bloc: Employee in a dental office

After Bloc:Web Developer

Tyler joined Bloc ready to change his career and dive into the world of web development. Tyler studied  HTML, CSS, and some Javascript in his free time to fuel his interests. As a college graduate, Tyler had a fervor for dentistry, and worked in a dental office ever since. Yet, he found himself drawn to web development, and interested in technology. Even though he completed his undergrad with a  B.S. in Biology, Tyler decided to help his girlfriend build a website for her blog- The Fancy Pants Report. Ever since then, Tyler’s curiosity and interest in technology morphed into an obsession; one he was finally ready to pursue. Codecademy, Treehouse, and Code School allowed him to craft his skill set. With a full time job, he carved out free time to work through tutorials.

When Tyler stumbled across Bloc, and instantly felt exhilarated. Jumping right into the material, he was put at ease knowing he was getting help from someone fully engrossed in the tech scene. The fit was perfect.

Tyler’s Capstone- The Fancy Pants Report:

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 12.03.48 PM

Here’s what Tyler had to say about his Bloc experience:

Average time commitment during Bloc:

Tyler felt like he spent a lot of time committed to Bloc; he was always doing something related to the program. By the end of his apprenticeship, he was living and breathing the curriculum.

Total number of apps completed:

He completed a total of 3 apps: Pomodoro code, Bloc pong, and his Capstone Project – building out his girlfriend’s fashion blog.

Experience learning with a mentor:

Having  a mentor really helped Tyler stay focused and motivated. Before Bloc, he had a difficult time staying on track and learning the correct curriculum. It seemed like the other resources were never-ending, and having a mentor helped him understand which ones to focus on. He felt that Colleen was fantastic and always ready to help.

Other resources used before Bloc: 

For Tyler, the support of having someone there who’s familiar with the field and subject was great. Getting questions answered by someone like that is very different than learning on your own, and piecing the information together. It was a tremendous amount of help to have someone guide him.

Goals coming into Bloc, and how they’ve changed:

His goal remains the same– to make web development a career. He feels like he still has so much to learn, and realizes that he has more work ahead of him. Shortly after graduation, Tyler  enrolled in our Job Prep Phase, and is excited for the opportunities that lie ahead.

Bloc’s role in achieving goals:

The experience as a whole, especially as he was coming to a close, Colleen knew his project still needed a little more, so she helped him pace himself. Tyler will also be staying in touch with Colleen, and is excited to have the support even after his apprenticeship ends. Thanks to our mentorship, Tyler feels like he already has a friend in the industry.

Best part of the Bloc experience:

Tyler was grateful for all of the available resources- his mentor, roadmap, and additional time he was able to have. He’s also appreciative that Bloc taught him how to pursue web development independently after Bloc.  

Was Bloc worth it?

Tyler definitely feels that Bloc is worth it, and even more so when you consider Bloc’s cost and compare them to the other bootcamps out there.


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