The Bloc Online Student Community


“Become meaningful in your interactions and the path to success in any endeavor is simpler and far more sustainable.”
Dale Carnegie

As social creatures, much of our decision making around what we do depends on who’s there. We seek out communities that validate us, empower us and keep us motivated (as we should). When we are seeking to improve ourselves (learn a new skill, join a new gym, etc.) it is vital that we choose the right community that will not only pick us up but hold us accountable for putting in the work.

If you’re wondering what your experience will be like during Bloc’s program, from our one-on-one mentorship to our online student engagement- this is an inside peek into our community:

We are Radical
One of our company-wide mantras at Bloc is the idea of radical candor. Radical candor, a framework adopted by Google executives, is the ability to give feedback at the intersection of challenging employees directly and showing you care about them personally. From our students to our mentors, we preach a culture of genuine advocacy for students and classmates, paired with honest feedback and encouragement.

We are Immersive
A mentor by definition is “an experienced and trusted adviser.” This is why during our selective hiring process we only bring in top tier mentors that are disciplined, ask the right questions at the right times, and take an interest in the future of our students. These qualities have landed them jobs not only at some of the world’s leading companies (Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc.) but with us here at Bloc too.   

One of the things that separates Bloc from the rest is that our mentors are full-time employees. Because of this, they put our students first and are active participants in making Bloc better. We have scrapped the lecture model and moved to interpersonal learning because we know in order to grow, it starts with effective mentorship.

We are Connected
Above all, Bloc is a community of encouragement. We move forward by propelling one another through one-on-one mentorship, accountability and friendships within the student body. Bloc has online social communities for students and alumni to share tips, insights and resources to learn together.


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