Why You Should Enroll in a Coding Bootcamp


Here at Bloc, we rely heavily on data and feedback to make our programs better and help you get the job you want. We’re constantly looking to hiring managers, industry professionals, and industry news to make sure our programs are aligned with expectations in the field. It seems like 2016 was the year coding bootcamps really took off, but are they still worth the price tag? Why should anyone enroll in a coding bootcamp?

Reason 1: Automation in the workplace

According to Forbes, the introduction of machines, AI, and new technology are threatening many jobs like telemarketers, appraisers, tax preparers, and cashiers. There is an increasing need for STEM professionals as well as those in complex roles like social work or mental health services. STEM professionals offer a level of logic and problem solving abilities past that of what a machine is capable.

On NPR’s “Will Your Job be Done by a Machine?”, they show that statistically, there’s only a 12.8% chance a software developer role will be automated due to the skill and logic it takes to do well in this field. It is likely that some software development tasks can be automated, but the need is still there for a human.

Reason 2: Employers hire bootcamp graduates

Many people think that coding bootcamps don’t offer an education good enough to rival that of an accredited education. In a recent Indeed study, they found that “72% of employers think bootcamp grads are ‘just as prepared’ to be high performers as degree holders”. Given Bloc’s program is shorter in length, allows you to go part-time, and is a fraction of the cost of a degree, it’s a no brainer for those looking to keep in budget or wanting to change their career.

In addition, surveyors found that “51% of surveyed companies said that hiring bootcamp grads is a good way to help job seekers from minority groups find work in the technology sector.” This is important to Bloc and hiring managers, as we want to create a diverse group of people working in tech. Bloc also offers diversity scholarships to enable more people of minority groups to take our programs.

Reason 3: Knowing how to code sets you apart

The job market is saturated with people who may have the same background as you and 4-year education.  Diversifying your skillset makes you stand out to potential employers.  It’s beneficial to learn code even if your dream title isn’t developer.  For those who are in marketing, are project managers, or are technical writers, development can be an unique skill that sets you apart from competition and allows you to do your job more effectively.

Still unsure if a bootcamp is right for you?

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